Zoonomaly APK v2.0 (Horror Game)

Zoonomaly APK v2.0 (Horror Game)

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Zoonomaly APK is a horror puzzle game set in a monster-filled zoo, where solving puzzles and evading creatures unravel a dark mystery.

App Name Zoonomaly
Publisher Happy Entertainment
Size 159 MB
Latest Version 2.0
MOD Info Horror Game
MOD Info
  • Android Game
  • Horror Game

Introduction of The Zoonomaly APK

Zoonomaly APK introduces a spine-tingling adventure set within the eerie confines of a zoo overrun by monsters. In this engrossing horror puzzle game, players ought to use foxy, stealthy, and problem-fixing abilities to live to tell the tale in a dark and twisted international. The ultimate objective? To get to the bottom of the thriller in the back of the Titanic takeover by way of gathering key shards scattered throughout the zoo, each locked at the back of tough puzzles. Engage in a non-linear journey through a zoo transformed into a playground of the paranormal, where every choice and step taken can lead to startling discoveries or dangerous encounters.

Zoonomaly APK

What’s New In the Zoonomaly APK Latest Version?

  • Enhanced Graphics: Immerse yourself in a more vividly spooky environment with improved graphics that make every shadow and monster more lifelike.
  • New Puzzles: These brand-new puzzles will challenge your thinking since they are all designed to test your ability to use logic and imagination.
  • Expanded Zoo Grounds: Explore new sections of the zoo that give more room to roam about and more monsters to avoid.
  • Improved Interface: A redesigned user interface improves gameplay overall by streamlining puzzle interaction and navigation.
  • Bloom O'Bang Upgrades: The magical tool, Bloom O'Bang, now features more desirable abilities, bearing in mind better defense in opposition to monsters and revealing greater hidden secrets and techniques.

Outstanding Features of The Zoonomaly APK Android?

  • Open-World Exploration: The freedom to explore the vast zoo grounds at will characterizes the gaming experience. Because of the open-world layout, players are encouraged to explore, which can lead to surprising discoveries and difficulties at every turn.
  • Unique Puzzle Solving: Each enclosure within the zoo holds a key shard, guarded by a puzzle. These puzzles provide quite several problems, from good judgment-based totally video games to spatial thinking exercises, to keep players engaged and cognitively challenged.
  • Monsters Galore: The zoo is teeming with a big range of monsters, every extra backbone-chilling than the closing. Players have to learn how to avoid these monsters or make use of the Bloom O'Bang to prevent pursuit, which provides a size of approach and tension to the game.
  • The Bloom O'Bang: This magical object is modern due to the fact it could be used to reveal hidden truths and provide protection towards enemies. Its strategic use is essential to the game's existence and growth.
  • Non-Linear Gameplay: Zoonomaly, which offers several routes to completion, thrives on player choice. Because of its non-linearity, each replay might present a different experience depending on the choices and routes taken.
  • Rich Storyline: The narrative of the game is captivating and mysterious. Players are drawn in on a deeper level than just survival as they progressively uncover the tale of the monster-infested zoo through the collection of crucial shards and puzzle solutions.
  • Graphics and Atmosphere: The game skillfully generates a spooky atmosphere that keeps players on edge with its improved visuals and painstakingly created zoo scene. A very immersive horror experience is enhanced by the meticulous attention to detail in the design of the creatures and the surrounding area.

Zoonomaly APK Android

Best Tips for Playing The Zoonomaly Horror Game

Mastering Zoonomaly on mobile devices requires strategy, patience, and a bit of courage. Here are the best tips to enhance your gameplay experience:

  • Map Your Route: The zoo's vast grounds can be confusing. Keeping a mental or physical map of your explored areas helps prevent getting lost and makes retracing steps easier.
  • Understand Puzzle Patterns: Each puzzle is unique, but they often share underlying logic. The amount of effort spent on upcoming puzzles can be greatly decreased by identifying these trends.
  • Strategic Use of Bloom O'Bang: Save your Bloom O'Bang for dire situations. Its abilities are quite helpful in both showcasing and safeguarding the zoo's hidden treasures.
  • Monitor Monster Movements: Learning the patterns or triggers of monster movements can save you from unexpected encounters. Stealth and timing are your best friends.

User Experience

Unlike other games in the genre, Zoonomaly provides a deep and engaging user experience. Players of various skill levels may easily navigate and interact with the game's aspects thanks to its easy UI. The intricate decorations in the visuals make the eerie zoo setting come to life. The meticulous attention to detail in each creature ups the spook factor in the game. Smooth and responsive gameplay makes sure that the emphasis stays on escaping creatures and solving puzzles rather than struggling with controls in Zoonomaly. An amazing and horrifying experience is produced by the fusion of engaging puzzles, menacing narratives, and expressive visuals.

Zoonomaly Horror Game

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Zoonomaly Mobile


  • Expansive Open World: The zoo provides a large, explorable area filled with secrets and challenges.
  • Diverse Puzzles: A wide range of puzzles keeps the gameplay interesting and mentally stimulating.
  • Engaging Storyline: Players are enticed to learn more by the captivating story that underpins the monster invasion.
  • Innovative Defense Mechanism: In horror games, the Bloom O'Bang puts a distinctive spin on survival.
  • Regular Updates: The game is stepped forward through ordinary upgrades that encompass new capabilities and materials.


  • Intensity Level: The game might be too scary for some, limiting its appeal.
  • Complexity: Some puzzles may be overly challenging, leading to frustration.
  • Navigation Difficulties: Without an in-game map, players can easily get lost.
  • Resource Management: Misuse of the Bloom O'Bang can put players at a disadvantage.

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Zoonomaly APK melds horror, puzzles, and adventure into an eerie zoo, growing a wealthy, immersive enjoyment. It places the players' potential to suppose severely, discover, and live on among mysterious creatures. Readers who are bold enough to discover its secrets are captivated by the deeper story that is revealed with each problem overcome and task accomplished. Dare to discover the truth behind the monstrous infestation? Download Zoonomaly APK now and dive into the mystery that awaits.

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