Zombie Tsunami Mod APK v4.5.128 (All Unlocked)

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK v4.5.128 (All Unlocked)

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Zombie Tsunami Mod APK is an endless zombie-themed runner game where you turn people into zombies and enjoy power-ups.

App Name Zombie Tsunami
Publisher Mobigame SAS
Size 73 MB
Latest Version 4.5.128
MOD Info All Unlocked
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MOD Info
  • All Unlocked
  • Max Level
  • Unlimited Money

Zombie Tsunami is a thrilling cell recreation where gamers grow to be zombies. The aim is to run without end, convert humans into zombies, and triumph over numerous barriers. This particular recreation, available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, combines amusing and challenge, attracting a wide range of gamers.

Five Key Features of the Game

Endless Running with a Zombie Twist

Unlike typical endless runners where you avoid obstacles, in Zombie Tsunami, you also turn people into zombies. The gameplay is simple: your zombie horde runs automatically, and you tap the screen to jump over obstacles and bite humans. The more humans you bite, the bigger your horde becomes. This fun twist keeps the game interesting and different.

Evolving Gameplay and Challenges

The game starts with a single zombie, but as you progress, you can grow your horde to a massive group. Each level introduces new challenges, like avoiding motors, bombs, and different risks. The sport calls for brief wondering and fast reflexes, mainly as your horde grows and the pace increases.

Transformations and Power-Ups

One of the coolest parts of Zombie Tsunami is the power-ups. You can locate boxes that rework your zombies into dragons, football teams, or maybe large machines. Each transformation has precise skills, like flying or being resistant to sure damages. These strength-united states of americano longer simplest add range but additionally help you triumph over tougher limitations.

Upgrades and Customization

You earn coins as you play, which can be used to upgrade your zombies and power-ups. Upgrading can make your transformations last longer or make your initial horde bigger. You also can get dressed up your zombies in amusing costumes, including a funny detail to the game.

Global Settings and Social Features

The game takes you around the world with different background styles for each level. The portraits are colourful and attractive, with precise animations for every location. Plus, in case you hyperlink the sport in your Facebook account, you can even see your friends’ faces at the human beings you chase, including a funny, personal contact on your zombie rampage.

Best Tips for Playing Zombie Tsunami

Start Strong

Focus on growing your zombie horde early in the game. The larger your group, the easier it is to overcome obstacles and eat more humans, which is key to scoring high.

Timing is Key

Jumping at the right moment is crucial. Learn to anticipate obstacles and react quickly. Remember, different obstacles require different timing.

Balance Risk and Reward

Sometimes, going for that extra human or coin can be risky. Weigh the benefits against the potential loss of zombies in your horde.

Upgrade Strategically

Use your coins to upgrade effectively. Prioritize upgrades that will give you the most immediate benefits, like increasing the duration of power-ups or starting with more zombies.

Pros and Cons of Zombie Tsunami


  • Engaging Gameplay: The mix of endless running and zombie-themed challenges keeps the game exciting.

  • Variety of Levels and Powers: The different backgrounds and power-ups add a lot of variety.

  • Simple Controls: Easy to learn, making it accessible for all ages.


  • Repetitiveness: Like many endless runners, it can become repetitive over time.

  • In-App Purchases: Some upgrades and features might require real money, which can be a downside for some players.

Similar Games

Subway Surfers: Another popular endless runner with vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay.

Temple Run: A classic in the endless running genre, known for its addictive gameplay.

Plants vs Zombies 2: While not an endless runner, it shares the zombie theme with a strategic twist.


Zombie Tsunami gives a completely unique twist at the limitless running style, combining humor, method, and motion. Its simplicity, blended with the depth of gameplay, makes it a splendid desire for players of every age.

Free Download Zombie Tsunami Mod APK (Unlocked All Birds, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Diamonds, All Unlocked Max Level) Latest Version for Android

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Suggested Questions and Answers

Q: How do you get a high score in Zombie Tsunami?

​A: Grow your horde large early in the game and use power-ups wisely for high scores.

Q: Can I play Zombie Tsunami without internet?

​A: Yes, you can play it offline, but some features might be limited.

Q: Are there any in-app purchases in Zombie Tsunami?

​A: Yes, there are options to buy upgrades, but they are not necessary to enjoy the game.

Q: How do I avoid losing zombies?

​A: Time your jumps carefully and decide when to risk going for extra points.

Q: Is Zombie Tsunami suitable for kids?

​A: Yes, its simple gameplay and humorous style make it kid-friendly.

Download Zombie Tsunami Mod APK v4.5.128 (All Unlocked)


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