YouTube Premium Mod APK v18.44.40 (Premium Unlocked, No Ads)

YouTube Premium Mod APK v18.44.40 (Premium Unlocked, No Ads)

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YouTube Premium Mod APK is an unofficial version that offers ad-free, background play, offline downloads, and exclusive content without a subscription.

App Name YouTube
Publisher Google LLC
Size 138 MB
Latest Version 18.44.40
MOD Info Premium Unlocked, No Ads
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MOD Info
  • Premium Unlocked
  • No Ads

YouTube Premium is a special service from YouTube. It lets you watch videos without ads, play videos in the background, and download them to watch later. You also get YouTube Music, with lots of songs and no ads. It's a paid service, which means you need to subscribe to use it.

Five Key Features of YouTube Premium

No Ads: Enjoy Uninterrupted Viewing

One of the best things about this service is that you can watch videos without any ads. Normally, when you watch YouTube, ads can pop up at the start or during a video. They can be annoying, especially if you're really into what you're watching. But with this service, you can watch all your favorite videos without any ads breaking in. This means no waiting to skip ads and no sudden interruptions.

Background Play: Keep Listening While Doing Other Things

Another great feature is background play. This means you can keep listening to a video even when you're using other apps on your phone or when your screen is off. This is perfect if you love listening to music or podcasts on YouTube. You can start a video, then send a text, check your email, or even lock your phone, and the audio will keep playing.

Offline Downloads: Watch Anywhere, Anytime

With this service, you can download videos to watch later without needing the internet. This is really useful if you're going somewhere without Wi-Fi or want to save your mobile data. Just download your favorite videos when you have the internet, and you can watch them anywhere, like on a long car ride or at the park.

YouTube Music Access: A World of Music Without Ads

When you subscribe to this service, you also get YouTube Music Premium. This is like a special part of YouTube just for music. You can listen to tons of songs and music videos without ads. You can also download music to listen offline and play music in the background on your phone.

Exclusive Content: Special Videos Just for Subscribers

YouTube Premium also gives you access to special videos that you can't find anywhere else. These are called YouTube Originals. They include movies, shows, and series made by some popular YouTube creators. It's like getting extra cool stuff that only subscribers can watch.

Best Tips for Using YouTube Premium

Explore YouTube Originals

One of the coolest parts of this service is YouTube Originals. These are special shows and movies made just for YouTube. Make sure to check them out because they can be really fun and different from what you usually see.

Use Offline Mode Smartly

Remember, you can download videos to watch them without the internet. This is perfect for long trips or when you know you won't have Wi-Fi. Just download your favorite videos ahead of time, and you can watch them anywhere.

Create Playlists in YouTube Music

If you love music, use YouTube Music to make your own playlists. You can put all your favorite songs in one place and listen without ads. It's great for when you're doing homework, relaxing, or having a party.

Use Background Play for Multitasking

Background play is super helpful. You can listen to videos while doing other things on your phone. So, you can listen to a cooking tutorial while looking at a recipe online, or listen to music while playing a game.

Explore the Discovery Section

Just like in other apps, YouTube has a place where it shows you videos you might like. Spend some time here. You might find new videos or channels that are really cool and fun.

Pros and Cons of YouTube Premium


  • No Ads: Watching videos without ads is a big plus.

  • Background Play: Being able to listen while doing other things is really useful.

  • Offline Downloads: Great for saving data and watching videos anywhere.

  • YouTube Music: Lots of music without ads, plus you can make playlists and download songs.

  • Exclusive Content: Special shows and movies just for subscribers.


  • Cost: It's not free, so you have to pay every month.

  • Limited Originals: There are cool YouTube Originals, but not as many as on some other streaming services.

Alternatives to YouTube Premium

  • Spotify: Great for music and podcasts.

  • Netflix: Lots of movies and shows, but no music.

  • Amazon Prime Video: Movies, shows, and some music too.

  • Vimeo: Different kinds of videos, more artsy and creative.


YouTube Premium is great if you love watching videos without ads, listening to music, and finding new stuff to watch. It's perfect for when you want to watch videos without the internet or just listen to videos while doing other things.

Free Download YouTube Premium Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Premium Unlocked, No Ads) Latest Version for Android

If you're interested in trying YouTube Premium, you can download it from They're a trusted source for apps and games, and you can get YouTube Premium there to start enjoying all these cool features.

Download YouTube Premium Mod APK v18.44.40 (Premium Unlocked, No Ads)


You are now ready to download YouTube Premium for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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