Vi Music APK v0.5.4 (Latest Version)

Vi Music APK v0.5.4 (Latest Version)

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Vi Music APK is a music streaming app that enhances your YouTube Music experience by offering background playback, offline listening through a smart cache system.

App Name Vi Music
Publisher vfsfitvnm
Size 3 MB
Latest Version 0.5.4
MOD Info Latest Version
MOD Info
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ViMusic is an app designed to streamline your YouTube Music experience. It allows for uninterrupted song playback, both online and offline, with features like background listening, cache storage, playlist management, and more, elevating your music streaming game.


Background Playback and Notification Control:

One of the standout features of ViMusic is background playback. This is a game-changer for multitaskers. Imagine jamming to your favorite tunes while texting or scrolling through social media—ViMusic makes it possible. Even if you hit the power button and the screen goes dark, your music keeps going uninterrupted.

The notification control is slick too. You get play, pause, skip, and even a like button right in your notification shade. It means you don't need to dive back into the app to tweak your tunes. This feature is all about keeping the music flowing without stopping you in your tracks.

Offline Playback and Cache System:

Let's talk about the cache system. Ever find a song that hits just right, and you want it on repeat? With ViMusic, once you play a track, it's stored in your phone’s cache. This means you can replay it without any buffering, or even if you're off the grid. Perfect for those subway rides or trips to the boonies where the internet is a myth.

And it’s smart about it, too—saving you space and data by not overstuffing your storage with songs you won't listen to again. Offline playback is like having a personal jukebox in your pocket, wherever you roam.

Lyrics and Synchronized Lyrics:

Ever been in that spot where you're belting out a song and you're sure the lyrics are about a "Starbucks lover," only to find out you're way off base? ViMusic has your back with its lyrics feature.

The app doesn’t just throw the lyrics up on screen; it synchronizes them with the music. So, whether you're trying to settle a bet about what they're actually saying in "Blurred Lines" or you want to host your carpool karaoke, ViMusic turns your phone into a sing-along machine.

Local Playlists and Queue Management:

You know how some apps are like "Here’s what you’ll listen to and you’ll like it"? ViMusic is not that app. It gives you the reins with local playlist management. You make the rules. Shuffle, rearrange, and curate your music to craft the perfect vibe for any moment.

And queue management is like being your own DJ. Add tracks on the fly, reorder on a whim, and never lose your flow. It’s seamless, intuitive, and keeps the beats exactly how you want them.

Android Auto Integration:

Now for the folks who practically live in their cars, ViMusic is ready to ride shotgun with Android Auto integration. No fiddling with your phone on the highway; just plug and play.

Your commute or road trip soundtrack gets the same rich features—background play, cache system, and yes, even those karaoke-ready lyrics—on the bigger screen in your dashboard. So keep your eyes on the road and let ViMusic set the journey to music.

Best tips for the app

Conserve Data like a Boss:

Listen, nobody likes getting that text from their carrier saying they've blown through their data. Use ViMusic’s cache system wisely. Play your faves while you're on Wi-Fi, let them cache, and then jam out offline to keep your data use low.

Become a Playlist Pro:

Ditch the skips. Take time to build a few killer playlists for different moods. That way, you're always a couple of taps away from the perfect collection of songs. Plus, with the cache system, your carefully chosen tracks are always ready for an encore.

Master the Queue:

The queue is your secret weapon for impromptu party DJing or setting the mood on date night. Learn to add, remove, and reorder on the fly. It's all about the art of the transition. Keep the energy up, the transitions smooth, and you'll be the hero of the hangout.

Sing Your Heart Out:

Take advantage of the synchronized lyrics. Not only is it fun for solo sing-alongs, but it's also great for learning the words to new songs. Plus, it's a hit at parties. Just prop your phone up, and you've got an instant karaoke setup.

Automate Your Bedtime Tunes:

Use the sleep timer. Pick a playlist, set the timer, and let ViMusic serenade you to sleep. No more waking up at 3 AM to a blasting headphone because you forgot to pause your playlist.

Pro and Cons


  • Background Playback: ViMusic lets you multitask like a champ, keeping your music going while you do you.

  • Offline Playback: With its cache, ViMusic ensures your tunes are always in your pocket, no signal needed.

  • Lyrics Feature: For the singers and the curious, ViMusic displays and syncs lyrics for an immersive listening experience.

  • Queue Management: This feature puts you in the DJ booth, giving you total control over what plays next.

  • Android Auto: ViMusic rides along with you, making driving tunes easy and safe to manage.


  • Data Usage: If not managed correctly, streaming on ViMusic could eat into your data plan.

  • Learning Curve: New users may need a beat to get the hang of all the features and controls.

  • App Dependency: ViMusic’s perks might make you never want to leave the app, which could be a con if you like to app-hop for your music.

Similar/alternatives for the app

If ViMusic isn’t hitting the right notes for you, check out these alternatives: 'YT Music' for a more official route, 'Musixmatch' for those lyric lovers, or 'Spotify' if you're about that stream life. They all have their own vibes and features to explore.


In the end, ViMusic is about putting the 'you' in YouTube Music. It’s user-friendly, packed with features, and all about keeping your tunes flowing. Whether you're online or off, it’s ready to play.

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Ready to up your music game? Head to to snag the ViMusic APK. It's a trusted spot with the goods you need to start jamming out with no limits.

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  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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