TV Studio Story APK v113 (Unlimited Money)

TV Studio Story APK v113 (Unlimited Money)

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TV Studio Story APK is a mobile game where you manage a TV studio, create shows, cast actors, and work to make your studio successful.

App Name TV Studio Story
Publisher Kairosoft
Size 250 MB
Latest Version 113
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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MOD Info
  • Unlimited Money

TV Studio Story is a fun game where you run your own TV station. You make TV shows, pick actors, and try to get lots of people to watch. You can also choose where to film and how to tell folks about your shows. The game works on phones and tablets, and it looks like old video games you might love.

Five Key Features

Make Your Own TV Shows:

In TV Studio Story, you can let your imagination go wild and make all sorts of TV shows. You decide on the story, the comedy, or any other type you like. You can choose what your shows are about and who stars in them, making your channel special and fun to watch.

Cast Stars:

Find actors who are perfect for your TV shows. You can work with agencies to find the best talent. It's important to make sure the actors match your shows. This makes your shows more exciting and liked by viewers.

Scout Locations:

You're not stuck in a studio! Send your team out to find cool places to film. Every new spot can add something special to your show. This means your shows are not always the same and can be very exciting.

Listen to Viewers:

It's your job to keep viewers happy. Watch how people like your shows and change things if you need to. This means you can keep making hit shows that everybody loves to watch.


Tell everyone about your great TV shows! Use different ways to spread the word, like online networks, papers, or radio. More people will know and watch your shows, and your TV station will be a hit.

Best Tips for TV Studio Story

Keep an Eye on Your Money:

In TV Studio Story, making sure you don't spend too much money is very important. Plan wisely so you can create wonderful shows without running out of cash.

Watch What Viewers Want:

You must pay close attention to what people like to watch. Change your TV shows based on what viewers say so that more people tune in.

Mix It Up:

Don't keep making the same type of show. Try out different kinds and themes to catch more people's attention and keep your TV channel interesting.

Choose Actors Wisely:

The right actors can make your shows a huge success. Find actors who will do a great job and bring your shows to life.

Learn from Challenges:

Sometimes you'll face hard times, like a show that nobody likes. These moments are a chance to learn and get better at making TV shows.

Promote Your Shows:

Use every way you can to promote your shows. Good ads make more people watch them, which means better ratings.

Keep Up-to-Date:

Make sure your game has the latest updates to get all the cool new features and keep your channel at the top.

Be Creative and Have Fun:

The best part of TV Studio Story is making fun TV shows. Play around with your ideas and enjoy building your TV empire!

Pros and Cons

Pros of TV Studio Story:

The game has a great user interface, making it easy for you to get around and have fun. With many different kinds of shows to make, you can let your creativity shine. The sounds and look of the game are very good too, making it fun to play. You feel like you're really in charge of your own TV studio.

Cons of TV Studio Story:

If you have a newer phone or tablet, the game might need more power to work well. For new players, all the different things you can do in the game might feel like too much to handle at first. It takes time to learn how to play well.

Alternatives for TV Studio Story

If you like TV Studio Story, you might also enjoy games where you build things like a city or a theme park. These types of games let you create and manage your own place, just like you do in TV Studio Story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TV Studio Story free?

Yes, there's a free version that you can play without paying.

Can I play TV Studio Story on my phone?

Yes, you can play it on phones and tablets that use Android.

Do I need the internet to play?

No, you can play this game without the internet.

Is it hard to play TV Studio Story?

It can be at first, but once you learn how everything works, it's a lot of fun.

Can I choose the shows that I want to make?

Yes, you get to decide what kinds of shows you create in your TV studio.


TV Studio Story is a really cool game that lets you be the boss of your own TV studio. It’s full of fun and gives you lots of ways to be creative. You make shows, work with actors, and do everything a TV boss does!

Free Download TV Studio Story APK (Unlimited Money) Latest Version for Android

Ready to start your TV empire? You can download TV Studio Story from They are a trusted source, and it's a great place to get your game. Try it out and create the best shows ever!

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