True Skate APK v1.5.70 (Unlimited Money)

True Skate APK v1.5.70 (Unlimited Money)

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True Skate APK is a realistic skateboarding game for Android with touch controls, lifelike graphics, and in-game parks. Customize your board and learn tricks.

App Name True Skate
Publisher True Axis
Size 79 MB
Latest Version 1.5.70
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
MOD Info
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked Everything

True Skate is a mobile game. It lets you control a skateboard using your fingers. It feels like real skateboarding. You swipe and drag to do skate moves. The game has a park to skate in. You can buy more parts of the park while playing.

Five Key Features

Real Skate Feel: The game uses your phone's touch. You swipe to move the skateboard. It's like using your feet on a real skateboard. Swiping fast makes you go fast. Dragging your fingers turn the board. It's very close to real skating.

The Skate Park: The game has an in-game park. It looks very real and is big. It has rails, ramps, and many tracks. You can buy more parks too. The parks have places to do all kinds of tricks.

Learn Tricks: If you're new, don't worry. The game has tutorials. They help you learn how to skate in the game. You can learn easy tricks first. Then, try harder ones as you get better.

Earn and Upgrade: While you play, you get in-game money. Use it to make your skateboard better. You can fix it if it breaks. Or make it look cool with new colors and designs.

Nice Looks and Sounds: The game looks very nice. It has 3D and looks smooth, like real life. The light and shadows look good and very real. The sounds are fun too. They make the game feel like real skateboarding.

Best Tips for True Skate

Start Slow: Learn to skate in the game with easy tricks. Don't try the hard ones too soon. Get used to how to swipe and touch the screen first.

Do Tutorials: Use the game tutorials. They show you step by step. This helps a lot when starting.

Find your Style: Try different moves. See which ones you like. This is how you get your own skating style in the game.

Make Money: Play missions in the game. They get you money. Use this money to make your skateboard look and work better.

Practice: Just like real skating, you need to practice. The more you play, the better you get. Take time to skate in all parts of the park and try lots of tricks.

Pros and Cons


  • Feels Like Real Skateboarding: The way you touch the screen is a lot like how you would move on a real skateboard. It makes you feel like you are actually doing the tricks.

  • Learning Help: The game helps you start with guides. They are easy to follow and will get you doing cool moves quickly.

  • Cool Skate Park: The game’s park has many places to skate. You can also buy new parts of the park while you play.

  • Your Style: You can make the skateboard yours. Fix it or make it look cool using the money you earn in the game.

  • Good Graphics and Sound: It looks and sounds like real skating. This makes the game more fun to play.


  • Need to Buy Extra Parks: The game comes with only one park. If you want more, you have to spend extra money.

  • Hard for Beginners: Even with tutorials, some may find the game tricky at first.

  • In-game Money Can Be Slow: Earning money by playing can take time. You might need this money to fix your skateboard.

  • Battery Use: The game might make your phone’s battery run out faster because of its good graphics.

  • Might Need Practice: You have to play a lot to get really good. This might be hard if you don’t have much time to play.

Alternatives for True Skate

If True Skate is not for you, you can try other games. There’s “Skateboard Party” and “Touchgrind Skate 2”. Both are about skateboarding, just like True Skate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does True Skate cost money?

Yes. You have to pay to download True Skate. After that, inside the game, you can also buy things like new skate parks.

Do you need the internet to play?

No. You can play without being online.

Can I play on any phone?

True Skate works on most phones, but if it’s very old, it might not.

Is it good for kids?

Yes, it is safe for kids. But buying inside the game is something adults should look after.

How do I get better at the game?

Use the tutorials and practice a lot. Learn from your mistakes and try new tricks slowly.


True Skate is a fun game for people who like skateboarding. It’s very much like skating for real. You control the skateboard by touching your phone's screen. The game has nice graphics and sounds. There are guides to help you learn and ways to make your board look unique. With play, you can earn in-game money to do this.

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Download True Skate APK v1.5.70 (Unlimited Money)


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