Training Slayer APK v28.0 (Unlimited Money)

Training Slayer APK v28.0 (Unlimited Money)

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Training Slayer APK is a fitness app with personalized workouts, progress tracking, and a supportive community. Your pocket personal trainer!

App Name Training Slayer
Publisher Training Slayer
Size 287 MB
Latest Version 28.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
MOD Info
  • Unlimited Money
  • English Version

What is Training Slayer?

​Training Slayer is a mobile app designed to help users stay fit and healthy. It's like having a personal trainer in your pocket! This app guides you through workouts, tracks your progress, and keeps you motivated.

Key Features of Training Slayer

Personalized Workout Plans

Training Slayer creates workout plans just for you. Whether you're a beginner or a fitness pro, it finds the right exercises.

It's like the app knows exactly what your body needs. If you're new to working out, it starts easy. If you're already active, it challenges you more.

The best part? These plans change as you get stronger. So, you're always improving!

Fitness Tracking

This app keeps an eye on your progress. Every push-up, run, and squat gets counted.

It's not just about counting, though. Training Slayer shows your progress in easy-to-understand charts. You can see how much stronger or faster you've become.

It's really motivating to see your own progress. Like a fitness journey in your phone!

Nutrition Guidance

Training Slayer cares about what you eat too. It gives advice on healthy eating.

The app suggests meals and snacks that are good for you. It even makes shopping lists!

Remember, eating right is a big part of staying fit. This feature is super helpful.

Community and Challenges

You're not alone in your fitness journey. Training Slayer has a community of users.

You can join challenges with others, which makes exercising more fun.

Sharing your progress and tips with others keeps you going. It's like having a bunch of workout buddies!

Expert Tips and Tutorials

The app has tons of advice from fitness experts. You learn the right way to exercise.

There are videos showing how to do exercises safely. This is great for avoiding injuries.

Learning from experts makes a big difference. It's like having a coach guiding you.

Best Tips for Using Training Slayer

Set Realistic Goals

Start by setting goals that you can really achieve. Small goals are great at first. Like running for 10 minutes or doing 5 push-ups.

Training Slayer helps track these goals. Seeing your progress towards them is really encouraging!

Regular Routine

Try to exercise at the same time each day with Training Slayer. This helps make working out a habit.

The app can remind you, so you don't forget. It's like having a friend who always nudges you to exercise.

Explore All Features

Don't just stick to one part of the app. Try different workouts, check your progress, and join community challenges.

Exploring everything Training Slayer offers keeps things interesting and fun.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Well

Remember to drink water and eat healthy food. The app's nutrition guide can help with this.

Good food and water are super important for your energy and health.

Listen to Your Body

If you're tired or something hurts, it's okay to take a break. Training Slayer is about getting fit, not getting hurt.

The app helps you track how you feel, so pay attention to that.

Pros and Cons of Training Slayer


  • Personalized Workouts: The workouts are tailored just for you.

  • Progress Tracking: Seeing your improvement is very motivating.

  • Community Support: Having others to share the journey with is great.


  • Requires Consistency: To see results, you need to use it regularly.

  • Internet Dependency: You need a good internet connection to access all features.

Alternatives to Training Slayer

Fitness Buddy: Great for a variety of workouts.

MyFitnessPal: Excellent for nutrition tracking.

Strava: Ideal for running and cycling enthusiasts.


Training Slayer is a fantastic app for anyone looking to get fit. With personalized workouts, progress tracking, and community support, it's like having a gym and a trainer in your pocket. While it requires regular use and internet access, the benefits are worth it.

Free Download Training Slayer APK (Unlimited Money, Android Game, Unlocked, English Version) Latest Version for Android

Ready to start your fitness journey? Download Training Slayer now from, a trusted source for safe and effective apps. Get fit, stay motivated, and join a community of fitness enthusiasts!

Useful Questions and Answers for Users

Q: How often should I update my goals in the app?

A: Update your goals whenever you feel your current ones are getting easy. This helps keep your workouts challenging.

Q: Can I use Training Slayer without internet?

A: Some features require internet, but you can view your workout plans offline too.

Q: Is Training Slayer suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! It's perfect for beginners, as it tailors workouts to your level.

Q: How does the app track my progress?

A: It tracks your workouts, times, and improvements, showing them in easy-to-understand charts.

Q: Can I connect with friends on Training Slayer?

A: Yes, you can join community challenges and share progress with friends in the app.

Download Training Slayer APK v28.0 (Unlimited Money)


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