The Last of Ourselves APK v0.3 (For Android)

The Last of Ourselves APK v0.3 (For Android)

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The Last of Ourselves APK is a digital wellness lifestyle game that combines mindfulness, time management, and community support.

App Name The Last of Ourselves
Publisher TheLastofOurselves
Size 66.5 MB
Latest Version 0.3
MOD Info For Android
MOD Info
  • For Android

The Last of Ourselves APK blends a mobile app's convenience with mindfulness's transformative power. This lifestyle app targets your inner peace amidst the digital chaos, equipping you with tools for self-reflection and digital detox.

Top 5 Features of The Last of Ourselves

  • Digital Detox Tracker: In a world where screen time often dominates, the Digital Detox Tracker is your ally. It’s not just about tracking; it’s about insight and awareness. With this feature, you pinpoint the 'when' and 'how much' of your device usage, setting the stage for mindful reduction. You’ll notice patterns, peak usage times, and maybe even a dependency you weren’t aware of. This tracker doesn't judge; it informs, leading you to make conscious choices about your digital presence.

  • Time Management Tools: The Last of Ourselves offers a suite of time management features. It’s a nudge towards productivity, gently pushing you away from mindless scrolling to activities that enrich you. Schedule your day, manage tasks, and get reminders to unplug and indulge in some 'me time.' It's about prioritizing the real over the virtual, the immediate over the digital. This tool doesn’t just help you plan; it helps you reclaim your time.

  • Mindfulness Practices: The app integrates mindfulness seamlessly into your routine. Whether it’s through guided meditations that bring you back to the now or breathing exercises that calm the storm within, The Last of Ourselves serves as your personal Zen coach. Reflection prompts prod at your consciousness, urging you to look within and explore your mental landscape. It's not just a feature; it's a journey to the self.

  • Notification Management: Overwhelmed by the constant pings? The app's notification management is a gatekeeper, filtering the flood into a trickle. Customize what merits your attention and when. It empowers you to mute the noise, so you hear what truly matters. This isn’t just about silencing your phone; it's about amplifying your focus.

  • Community Support: Embark on your journey to digital well-being alongside a community. Share triumphs, setbacks, and stories. It’s a collective step towards balanced digital living, bolstered by mutual support. This feature is not just about connection; it's about collective evolution.

Best Tips for Maximizing The Last of Ourselves

  • Set Achievable Detox Goals: Start with small detox periods and gradually increase them. Don't rush; the path to digital independence is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Utilize Time Management Effectively: Plan your offline moments. Maybe it's during a morning walk or an evening read. Let the app remind you of these commitments.

  • Engage With Mindfulness: Allocate a few minutes daily for the mindfulness exercises. Consistency is key to reaping the advantages.

  • Customize Notifications Wisely: Be ruthless with your notification settings. If an app doesn't bring value, mute it. Less digital clutter means more mental clarity.

  • Connect With the Community: Share your reports and examine them with others. It’s not just about the app's tools, but also about the shared wisdom.

Pros and Cons


  • Customization: Tailor your digital detox journey to your personal needs and preferences.

  • Insightful Analytics: Understand your digital habits with comprehensive analytics.

  • Intuitive Interface: A user-friendly experience that makes navigation a breeze.

  • Community Aspect: Offers a support system through its community features.


  • Overwhelming Options: With so many features, it can be daunting for beginners.

  • Requires Discipline: The app's effectiveness hinges on your commitment to using it consistently.

  • Potential Privacy Concerns: As with any app that tracks behavior, there’s a degree of data sharing involved.

Alternatives to The Last of Ourselves

If The Last of Ourselves doesn't resonate with you, consider alternatives like 'Calm' for mindfulness, 'Forest' for focused productivity, or 'Space' for digital detox. Each offers unique approaches to well-being and digital balance.


The Last of Ourselves stands out as a digital haven for mindfulness and self-awareness. With its comprehensive features and supportive community, it equips you to navigate the digital world consciously. It’s not just an app; it's a lifestyle shift.

Free Download The Last of Ourselves APK Latest Version for Android

Ready to embark on a journey of digital well-being? Download The Last of Ourselves today and begin the transformative quest to reclaim your time, focus, and inner peace. Your mindful adventure awaits!

Some questions that users are interested in (FQAs)

How can I start using the app to manage my screen time more effectively?

Begin by utilizing the Detox Tracker to assess your current device usage. Gradually introduce small intervals where you consciously avoid your devices, using the Time Management Tools to schedule these periods into your daily routine.

What can I do if I'm feeling overwhelmed by the app's many features?

Start with one feature at a time. You might begin by tracking your usage for a week, then reviewing your habits and starting to implement small changes. Use the community discussion board to ask for advice on how others have incorporated the app into their lives.

How can I ensure my personal data remains private while using the app?

Check the app's privacy settings and review the permissions it requires. Limit data sharing to what's necessary, and read through the app's privacy policy to understand how your data is used and protected.

Is it necessary to use the mindfulness exercises within the app, or can I practice them independently?

While the app offers structured mindfulness practices, you are encouraged to practice these exercises in any manner that suits you. The secret is to incorporate mindfulness into your day-to-day existence, with or without the app's guidance.

Can I still receive important notifications while using the app's notification management system?

Absolutely. The notification management feature is designed to filter out less important alerts while allowing critical communications to reach you. Customize it according to your priorities to stay informed without unnecessary distractions.

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