Tarisland APK v1.1.4 (Release Date)

Tarisland APK v1.1.4 (Release Date)

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Tarisland APK is a free mobile game where you create your hero, explore a magical world, and play without needing to spend money for a fair and fun experience.

App Name Tarisland APK
Publisher Level Infinite
Size 951 MB
Latest Version 1.1.4
MOD Info Release Date
MOD Info
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  • for Mobile

Tarisland is a mobile game. It lets players become heroes in a fantasy world. You can fight, use magic, and go on adventures. There are many characters to choose and make your own. No need to spend money to win. It's a fair and fun game for everyone.

Five Key Features

One, make your own hero. You can be a wizard, rogue, or warrior. Make the hero fit your own style. You can choose the looks, powers, and more. It's fun to make a hero just for you.

Two, play without spending. Money doesn't give a win in Tarisland. Everyone fights and plays on a fair ground. It's your skill that makes you win, not money. This is good because it's fair for everyone.

Three, cool game world. The game world in Tarisland is big and full of magic. There are many places to see and secrets to find. You'll meet strange people and creatures. You can do fun mini-games or solve riddles too.

Four, play with others. Tarisland is even better with friends. You can team up to fight big bosses or do dungeons together. Win great loots and make your hero stronger.

Five, new things to do. The game changes with new events. These events are fun and give new things to try. You can fight other players or work with them. There are always new challenges waiting for you.

Best Tips for Tarisland

First, learn how to fight well. Tarisland is about skill. You must be fast and smart to win. Take time to learn your hero's moves and powers. This will help you in difficult fights.

Second, work together. Play with friends or join new teams. It's not only fun but also helps you to do better in tough battles. Guilds or groups can give you advice and help when you need it.

Third, explore often. The game world has many secrets. Hunting for treasures can make you find great items. So walk around, look everywhere, and try new things. You never know what you might find.

Fourth, stick to the events. Events come and go in the game. Try to join them because they give good prizes. Events can help you to make your hero much stronger.

Fifth, don't rush. Play the game at your own speed. Enjoy the sights and stories. There is no need to hurry. You will become strong and great with time. Just focus on having a good time.

Pro and Cons


  • One, even playing field. No one can buy a win. Your success comes from how you play, which is great for fair play.

  • Two, customize what you want. You can change everything about your hero to make it perfect for you.

  • Three, always something new. The game gives new challenges all the time. You won't get bored because there's always a new thing to try.

  • Fourth, play with many people. Tarisland is fun alone but better with others. You can team up with players all over the world.

  • Five, no device limits. You can play on a phone or computer and switch between them. This is handy for playing any time, any place.


  • One might be big for some phones. Because it's got a lot of cool things, it might be slow or take up much space on small phones.

  • Two, it can be tough. New players might find the game hard and get stuck quick.

  • Three, needs internet. You need a good net connection to play, which may be not great for people with slow internet.

  • Four, no offline play. You can't play if you're not connected to the net, so no playing on the go where there's no WiFi.

Alternatives for Tarisland

If Tarisland is not your thing, you have other games to try. Games like Mobile Legends, Genshin Impact, or Ragnarok M are similar. They also have good worlds, heroes, and tales. They are also popular and many people play them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to play Tarisland?

You need an Android phone or tablet, or a computer, and a net connection.

Is Tarisland free to play?

Yes, it's free. You can download and play without spending money.

How do I get better at Tarisland?

Practice! Learn your hero's skills well. Also, play with others and join their games to learn new tricks.

Can I play Tarisland on my computer?

Yes, you can. It works on both Android devices and computers.

Does Tarisland need money to win?

No, it's not a "pay to win" game. Your skill is what helps you win.


Tarisland is an exciting mobile game for players who love adventures. With fair play and great customization, it's fun for everyone. You can join friends or play on your own, always finding new things to do in this big, magic world.

Free Download Tarisland APK (Release Date) Latest Version for Android

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  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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