Sword And Spin Mod APK v0.0.68 (Unlimited Money)

Sword And Spin Mod APK v0.0.68 (Unlimited Money)

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Sword And Spin Mod APK is a game that offers unlimited coins and free purchases, allowing you to create heroes, fight, solve puzzles, and grow stronger.

App Name Sword and Spin!
Publisher Rollic Games
Size 31 MB
Latest Version 0.0.68
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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MOD Info
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Purchase

What is Sword And Spin?

Sword and Spin is a fun game where you can make your own hero and have adventures. You will go to different places, fight monsters, find special weapons, and solve puzzles. Anyone who wants to feel like a real adventurer will enjoy this game. It has fighting and thinking parts mixed together.

The five most outstanding characteristics

Custom Characters: You get to make a person in the game how you want. Pick what job they do and what skills they need.

Big World: There is a lot to see in the game’s world. It has many secrets for you to find.

Fight and Moves: When you fight, the game feels very real. You can do cool moves, hit fast, and jump away from attacks.

Smart Choices: You need to think to win fights. Pick your gear and plan well to beat different enemies.

Getting Stronger: Find treasures and win fights to make your hero better. The game helps you grow your hero how you want.

Best advice for users Sword And Spin

  • Start Slow: Learn the game by fighting easy monsters first.

  • Think and Choose: Make sure to pick the right weapons and gear for your hero.

  • Play A Lot: The more you play, the better your hero gets.

  • Solve Puzzles: Use your brain to figure out tricky puzzles in the game.

  • Have Fun with Friends: You can play with others and have fun together in the game.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Make Your Own Hero: You can be creative and make a hero that fits your style.

  • Explore Lots: The game has a big world with many places to go and things to find.

  • Exciting Fights: Battles feel real and are fun with cool skills and fast action.

  • Think and Win: Using your brain to choose gear and beat puzzles makes the game more fun.

  • Grow Stronger: You get better as you play, which makes you want to keep going.


  • Takes Time to Learn: The game can be hard for new people at the start.

  • Many Choices: Some may find too many options for gear and skills overwhelming.

  • Needs A Lot of Time: To get all the gear and beat all the puzzles can take a lot of playing.

  • Hard Puzzles: Some puzzles might be too tough for players who like more action.

  • Friends Needed: For the best fun, you might need to play with friends which is not always easy.

Alternatives to Sword And Spin

Other Games: If you want to try something else, there are many games that are like Sword and Spin. Check them out too!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the game good for kids?

A: Yes, kids who like adventures will enjoy it.

Q: Can I play on my phone?

A: You can play the game on a phone if it works with it.

Q: Do I need the internet to play?

A: Some parts of the game might need internet.

Q: Can I play alone?

A: Yes, you can play by yourself if you want.

Q: Is it free?

A: The basic game is free but there might be things to buy in the game.


This game is good for anyone who likes adventures and making their own heroes. It is very fun to play and makes you think.

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