Super Mario Maker World Engine APK v3.2.2 (For Android))

Super Mario Maker World Engine APK v3.2.2 (For Android))

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The Super Mario Maker World Engine APK is a fan-made platformer creation game that emulates Nintendo's Mario Maker series with regular updates.

App Name Super Mario Maker World Engine
Publisher Editor's Choice, Nintendo
Size 95 MB
Latest Version 3.2.2
MOD Info For Android)
MOD Info
  • For Android)

What is Super Mario Maker World Engine?

Super Mario Maker World Engine is a fan-made tribute to Nintendo's Super Mario Maker series. This platformer creation game allows players to design, play, and share their own Super Mario levels. It offers a suite of tools and features to customize levels with a variety of themes, objects, and enemies, emulating the creative spirit of its official counterparts.

Top 5 Features and Functions

Level Design Flexibility

The game's cornerstone is its flexible level editor. Unlike many fan creations that offer limited tools, Super Mario Maker World Engine provides an extensive array of items, enemies, and level components that mimic the official games. Fans appreciate the freedom to create complex and intricate levels that challenge the creativity of the community. Whether you want to recreate classic Mario levels or forge something entirely new, the editor empowers you to do so with ease.

Authentic Mario Experience

What sets this engine apart is the authentic Mario experience it provides. From the music and graphics to the physics and gameplay mechanics, everything feels like it's straight out of a Mario game. Players can select from various themes, such as underwater or castle, each with appropriate enemies and obstacles, to design levels that could easily blend into the Mario universe.

Community Sharing

Sharing is a vital component of the Super Mario Maker World Engine. Players have the ability to upload their creations for others to play. Although the cancellation has affected this feature, the spirit of community sharing persists as players find alternative ways to exchange levels.

Cross-Platform Playability

The engine's cross-platform functionality means that you can create and play levels on both PC and mobile devices. This accessibility broadens the game's appeal, allowing players without Nintendo's consoles to enjoy the Mario Maker experience. The engine's optimization for various devices ensures a smooth gameplay experience, even on the go.

Regular Updates and Improvements

Despite its cancellation, Super Mario Maker World Engine was known for its regular updates, which introduced new content and improvements. Each update brought the game closer to the full experience provided by the official Super Mario Maker titles, with new enemies, items, and bug fixes enhancing the game over time.

Best Tips for Super Mario Maker World Engine

Start Simple: When beginning, don't overcomplicate your designs. Learn the basics of the level editor by creating simple levels that focus on a single theme or concept.

Test Thoroughly: Playtest your levels repeatedly. This will help you understand the flow of the level and identify any potential issues, such as unintended difficulty spikes or glitches.

Seek Feedback: Share your levels with friends or the community to get feedback. A fresh set of eyes can offer new perspectives on how to improve your designs.

Be Creative: Use the tools provided in unexpected ways. The best levels often come from outside-the-box thinking, combining elements in unique combinations to surprise and delight players.

Backup Your Work: With the cancellation affecting online features, it's more important than ever to save and backup your levels locally to avoid losing your creations.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive Toolset: The editor comes packed with a wide range of tools that enable players to create levels with the depth and complexity of official Super Mario games.

  • Authenticity: It closely replicates the look, feel, and playability of the original games, delivering an experience that's both nostalgic and fresh.

  • Accessibility: Available on multiple platforms, it's accessible to a wider audience, not just those with Nintendo consoles.


  • Language Barrier: Currently available only in Spanish, which can be a hurdle for non-Spanish speakers until the update.

  • Glitches and Bugs: As with any complex software, it comes with its share of bugs that can be frustrating for users.

  • Cancellation: The project's cancellation means no more official updates or community support, which diminishes the potential longevity of the game.

Recommendations for Similar Apps/Games

For fans looking for alternatives, consider these options:

Super Mario Maker 2: The official sequel offers a polished and expansive level-creating experience with Nintendo's backing.

Mega Maker: A fan-made Mega Man-level editor with a similar spirit of community and creativity.

Levelhead: This platformer maker has a strong focus on community sharing and creativity, with robust tools for level creation.


Super Mario Maker World Engine stands as a testament to fan dedication and creativity. It exemplifies the spirit of the Mario Maker community, capturing the joy of creating and playing in the Super Mario universe. Despite its cancellation, its features and the passion of its fan base ensure that it remains a beloved part of Mario fan culture.

Free Download Super Mario Maker World Engine APK (18 Mobile Game, Max Level) Latest Version for Android

Ready to jump into a world of endless Mario fun? Download Super Mario Maker World Engine from and start creating, playing, and sharing today!

Some questions that users are interested in (FQAs)

Q1: What are the system requirements for running Super Mario Maker World Engine on mobile?

A1: The game is optimized for mobile play, but it's important to note that it does not function on Android 6.0. For the best experience, ensure your device runs a more recent version of Android or iOS. Always check the latest specifications on before downloading to avoid compatibility issues.

Q2: Can I still share and play levels created by others after the game's official support ended?

A2: Although the official community features have been discontinued, players continue to share levels through alternative methods. You can look for fan-run servers, forums, or websites where enthusiasts share their creations and download codes.

Q3: Are there any fan-made updates or patches to fix bugs in the game?

A3: Yes, the fan community is quite proactive. Keep an eye on fan forums and dedicated websites for unofficial patches or updates that address bugs and may add new content or features.

Q4: What should I do if I encounter a glitch while playing a level?

A4: If you run into a glitch, it's recommended to report it to the community if there's an active forum, or take note of it for personal reference. You can also try restarting the level or the game. Make sure to save your progress often to avoid losing your creations.

Q5: How can I ensure my custom levels are enjoyable for others to play?

A5: The key is playtesting and feedback. Share your levels with friends or through fan communities to gather opinions. Pay attention to the flow of the level, the balance between challenge and fun, and whether the objectives are clear to the player. Iterate on your design based on the feedback you receive.

Download Super Mario Maker World Engine APK v3.2.2 (For Android))


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