Subway Princess Runner Mod APK v7.5.5 (All Characters Unlocked)

Subway Princess Runner Mod APK v7.5.5 (All Characters Unlocked)

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Subway Princess Runner Mod APK is an exciting endless running game with character customization and flexible obstacles.

App Name Subway Princess Runner
Publisher Ivy
Size 112 MB
Latest Version 7.5.5
MOD Info All Characters Unlocked
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MOD Info
  • All Characters Unlocked

Subway Princess Runner is an exhilarating mobile game where you sprint through a Christmas-themed city, dodging obstacles and collecting coins. Designed for endless fun, it's about quick reflexes and lasting as long as possible in the game's festive world.

Five Typical Features and Functions

The game has several standout features that make it more than just a run-of-the-mill endless runner game.

Character Customization

Right out the gate, the game lets you control a cool, casually dressed girl the 'princess' of the tracks. You're not stuck with her default look, though. As you collect coins, you can reinvent your runner with new outfits. Want to run as a Viking or even someone reminiscent of Bruce Lee? Go for it! And if you’re into comic book chic, there’s even a Harley Quinn-esque character. The beauty lies in the details, and each runner isn't just a new skin; they have their traits, which might just be the edge you need for a high score.

Upgrades and Power-Ups

What's a sprint without some boosts? Subway Princess Runner doesn't skimp on these. You've got jetpacks, coin magnets, and helmets that you can snag for an easier time dodging trains and barriers. Each power-up provides a unique advantage, whether it's hoovering up coins with a magnet or cruising above the chaos with a jetpack. Strategizing when to use these goodies is part of the fun — and the challenge.

Dynamic Obstacles

The game keeps you on your toes with its ever-present obstacles. Trains, boards, barriers — they all pop up to test your reflexes. And just when you think you've got the pattern down, the game throws a curveball with even more unpredictable hurdles. This dynamic setup ensures no two runs are ever the same, maintaining that just-one-more-go addiction.

Festive Atmosphere

You're not just running; you're sprinting through a never-ending holiday season. The Christmas-themed track is a merry setting that stands out from other runner games. It’s all festive cheer as you dodge and weave, with decorations and holiday motifs giving each dash through the city a joyous vibe.

Sound and Graphics

They say audio-visuals make the game, and Subway Princess Runner has that in spades. The graphics are bright, colorful, and smooth, ensuring that your high-speed hijinks are easy on the eyes. Sound effects add depth to the gameplay — you'll hear every near-miss and every triumphant evasion, not to mention the grunts of your pursuer hot on your heels.

Best Tips for Playing

Don’t Get Greedy

Coins are tempting, but they're a trap as much as a treasure. Chase them too hard, and you'll find yourself face-planting into a train. Instead, stay focused on survival. The longer you last, the more chances you have to grab coins safely.

Know Your Power-Ups

Jetpacks and magnets are your best friends. Use a magnet when you’re on solid ground with plenty of coins ahead, and save the jetpack for those cluttered stretches where the ground hazards are just too dense.

Learn to Swipe

Your swiping needs to be on point — swift and decisive. Hesitation or a sloppy swipe could spell the end of your run. Practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged by a few early faceplants.

Plan Your Upgrades

Invest in upgrades strategically. Don’t spread your coins too thin. Focus on one or two upgrades that suit your playstyle and level them up to maximize their effectiveness.

Stay Calm

Panic is your biggest enemy. Even when the game speeds up and the obstacles get wild, keep a cool head. Overreacting leads to mistakes. So take a breath, stay chill, and keep that princess running.

Pros and Cons


  • Vivid graphics that make for a visually pleasant experience.

  • Customization options for characters provide a personal touch.

  • The festive theme keeps the holiday spirit alive all year round.

  • Power-ups and upgrades add depth to the gameplay.


  • The game can be quite challenging, which might not suit all players.

  • Following coin trails can sometimes lead to frustration due to tricky placement.

  • The gameplay may become repetitive over time for some.

Similar Games

If you're looking for something in the same vein as Subway Princess Runner, check out Subway Surfers, Temple Run, and Minion Dash. Each brings its own flavor to the endless runner genre.


Subway Princess Runner is a game that combines festive fun with the thrill of the chase. It’s an addictive mix of reflex-testing gameplay and holiday cheer that keeps players coming back.

Free Download Subway Princess Runner Mod APK (Unlimited Money, All Characters Unlocked, Mod Menu) Latest Version for Android

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Some questions that users are interested in (FQAs)

Question 1: How to collect a lot of coins in the game without taking too much risk?

Answer: To collect coins without risk, you need to focus on avoiding obstacles rather than chasing coins. Use power-ups like coin magnets in long straight lines to collect coins without having to move too much.

Question 2: Which power-ups are most important to upgrade early?

Answer: Priority should be given to upgrading coin magnets to help collect coins more easily and jetpacks to be able to overcome complex roads. Choose the upgrade that suits your play style.

Question 3: Are there any tips to avoid getting eliminated as the game gets faster and harder?

Answer: It is important to stay calm and not panic when the game speed increases. Always look ahead to predict obstacles and practice screen swipes to be precise and decisive.

Question 4: What is the best way to unlock new characters in Subway Princess Runner?

Answer: You can unlock new characters by using coins earned in the game or completing specific missions. Focus on completing missions to unlock characters with special skills you want.

Question 5: How to not get bored when playing Subway Princess Runner for a long time?

Answer: To keep the game fresh, challenge yourself by setting personal goals or trying to beat your record. You can also change characters and their costumes to create a new experience every time you play.

Download Subway Princess Runner Mod APK v7.5.5 (All Characters Unlocked)


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