Stickman Pirates 3v3 Mod APK v2.8 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Stickman Pirates 3v3 Mod APK v2.8 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

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Stickman Pirates 3v3 Mod APK is a mobile action game with stick-figure pirates, intense 3v3 battles, story mode, and offline play.

App Name Stickman Pirates - Brawl 3v3
Publisher LeeNgooc
Size 201 MB
Latest Version 2.8
MOD Info Unlimited Money and Gems
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MOD Info
  • Unlimited Money and Gems
  • Unlocked

Stickman Pirates 3v3 is a mobile game. You can play this on phones. It puts players in 3-person teams. These teams fight against each other. The fights are intense. Players can use stick-figure pirates. The game combines fun with good action.

Five Key Features

Firstly, the game has different ways to play. There are modes for one player and also for many players. You can play by yourself or with friends. It's cool because you get to do different things in the game.

Secondly, there's a story you follow in the game. It's like reading a book, but you play it. In this story, you make choices. These choices change what happens next. It's fun and interesting because the story is about pirates.

Next, we find lots of different bad guys. There are stickmen, shadow zombies, and others. They are not the same, so you need to think about the best way to beat each one.

The fights in this game are exciting. There's also a challenge called Tournament Mode. If you keep winning, you can become the best. But it's hard!

Last, we talk about battles. To win these, you can't just tap the screen. No, you must plan. A smart plan helps you win a fight. That makes you feel smart and happy when you win.

Best Tips for Stickman Pirates

First tip: Learn what each pirate does. They have different moves. Some are good for attacking; some are good for defense. When you know what a pirate can do, you can play better.

Second tip: Watch how the other team plays. You can see what they do. Then come up with a plan to beat them.

Third tip: Use the game's world to hide or move fast. This makes it harder for the enemy to hit you.

Fourth tip: Team up with your friends. If you play with friends, you can talk and make good plans together.

Fifth tip: Keep playing to get better. Play a lot. Try new things. Soon, you'll be a great pirate player!

Pros and Cons


  • One good thing is that it's full of action. There's always something going on.

  • It's also good to play with others. You can make friends and play together.

  • The game looks nice. The fighting looks real, and the world is pretty.

  • There are many choices for pirates. Each one is special.

  • You don't need the Internet all the time. You can still play when you're offline.


  • Sometimes it can be very hard. Not everyone likes this.

  • The game can make you want to buy things inside it. This might make some players unhappy.

  • If many people are on the Internet, the game might slow down.


There are other games like Stickman Pirates 3v3. You can try similar fighting games. Some have ninjas or knights. They are also about making teams and fighting. But remember, each game is a bit different. Some might have different ways to play or new stories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can kids play Stickman Pirates 3v3?

A: Yes, it's just a game. But they need to know it has fights.

Q: Do I need to pay for this game?

A: The game is free to download. But inside, you might see things you can buy.

Q: Can I play on the computer?

A: No, it's a game for phones. Use your Android phone to play.

Q: Is this game hard?

A: Yes, sometimes. But if you keep playing, you'll learn and do well.

Q: Who will like this game?

A: People who like action and pirates. Also, if you like playing with friends, you'll find it fun.


Stickman Pirates 3v3 is a game full of action. It's exciting and it looks good. But it can also be hard sometimes. If you like pirates and fun fights, try it out. You can even play without the Internet.

Free Download Stickman Pirates 3v3 Mod APK (Unlimited Money and Gems, Unlock All Characters) Latest Version for Android

Hey, want to be a pirate? Get Stickman Pirates 3v3 now! Go to to download it. This is a good place to get the game. It's safe to use. Join in and start fighting today. Have big adventures with your stickman pirates!

Download Stickman Pirates 3v3 Mod APK v2.8 (Unlimited Money and Gems)


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