Smart Panel APK v4.6.1 (Android App)

Smart Panel APK v4.6.1 (Android App)

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Smart Panel APK is an app to customize your Android with one-hand control, a smooth layout, and easy arrangement for a unique experience.

App Name Epson Smart Panel
Publisher Seiko Epson Corporation
Size 3.5 MB
Latest Version 4.6.1
MOD Info Android App
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  • Android App

What is a Smart Panel?

A Smart Panel is a type of program for phones that changes how you control and manage the device. It is like getting a new remote control for your phone that has new buttons and ways to make the phone do things. With Smart Panel, you can set up your phone's main screen. It lets you move things around easily and make the screen look how you want. The Smart Panel Turbo APK is made for people who want to have fun making their phone unique and easy to use with just one hand.

The five most outstanding characteristics

Easy One-Hand Control: The Smart Panel makes your phone simple to use with just one touch. You don’t need two hands; one finger is enough.

Make Home Screen Your Own: You can change your main screen the way you like. Put your favorite apps where you want, and you don’t have to stay in lines - put them anywhere!

Icons Look Good: You can pick different pictures for your apps – these are called icon packs. They make your phone look nice. You can even use your photos to make your own icons.

Smooth Grid Layout: When you move around the phone's menu or see notifications, it feels very smooth. Like sliding on ice, no bumps or stops. This makes using the phone feel good.

 Personal Touch: With the Smart Panel, your phone can look and feel like it’s truly yours. You decide how it all works and looks, making your phone special to you.

Best advice for users Smart Panel

  • Explore Settings: Spend time going through all the options. There are many ways to change your phone's look and feel.

  • Arrange Frequently Used Apps: Put the apps you use a lot within easy reach. Make them easy to tap with one hand.

  • Choose Icon Packs Wisely: Pick icon packs that you really like. It's nice to look at pretty icons every day.

  •  Keep it Simple: Don’t make the phone too busy or complicated. A clear, clean layout can be really nice and easier to use.

  •  Use Folders: If you have many apps, use folders to keep them tidy. Then you won't have to look through a lot of apps to find what you need.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Customization: You can change many things to make your phone look and work the way you want.

  • Easy to Use: Smart Panel is designed for simple use. You can do everything with just one finger.

  • Beautiful Design: The app helps make your phone look more attractive with nice icons and layout.

  • Better Organization: With Smart Panel, you can keep your apps and other phone parts in a tidy way, which can make finding things faster.

  • Personal Feel: Your phone becomes more "you" because you can set it up to reflect your style and needs.


  • May Be Overwhelming: For some people, many changes and options can be too much to handle at first.

  • Battery Use: Having more things that change and move on your screen could potentially use more battery.

  • Learning Curve: It might take some time to understand all the ways you can use Smart Panel.

  • Compatibility: Smart Panel might not work as well on older or less powerful phones.

  • Preference: Some might find the default launcher that came with the phone easier or more familiar.

Alternatives to Smart Panel

There are other apps like Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, and Action Launcher that can also change your phone's main screen and way you use it.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will Smart Panel work on my phone?

A: If your phone uses Android, it should work. But check if it needs a certain version of Android.

Q: Is Smart Panel free?

A: Yes, but sometimes there are special things you can buy inside the app if you want.

Q: Can I go back to my old phone screen if I don’t like Smart Panel?

A: Yes, you can switch back to your previous setup if you want to.

Q: Will Smart Panel make my phone slower?

A: Not usually, but if your phone is older or less powerful, it might not be as quick.

Q: How do I set up the icon packs on Smart Panel?

A: Find the icon packs in the app's settings and pick the one you like, or make your own.


Smart Panel can make using your phone a more special and personal experience. It also makes the phone easier to use with one hand and more beautiful to look at.

Free Download Smart Panel APK (Android App, Free Purchase) Latest Version for Android

For a better way to use your phone, download Smart Panel from They offer safe and trustworthy downloads so you can start enjoying all the Smart Panel features easily.

Download Smart Panel APK v4.6.1 (Android App)


You are now ready to download Smart Panel for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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