SHAREit APK v6.24.29_ww (Share Files App)

SHAREit APK v6.24.29_ww (Share Files App)

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SHAREit APK is a versatile file sharing app that uses Wi-Fi Direct for lightning-fast transfers across different platforms and file types.

App Name SHAREit: Transfer, Share Files
Publisher Smart Media4U Technology Pte.Ltd.
Size 45 MB
Latest Version 6.24.29_ww
MOD Info Share Files App
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MOD Info
  • Transfer
  • Share Files App


Have you ever found yourself getting stuck when trying to send files and it takes a long time? Join SHAREit APK, the lifeline app that's changing file transfers. If you use photos, videos, music, even apps, SHAREit will help you solve how to transfer files quickly. Since its arrival, it's been like a backstage pass, helping to reduce the wait and hassle of sharing files.

SHAREit doesn't just attract attention. It's been a journey, starting with a simple idea of ditching traditional Bluetooth. No more waiting endlessly to send a simple video, right? From there, it exploded, becoming a destination for millions of people. And not just for quick money transfers, but also for streaming and other fun stuff.


Why do people keep talking about SHAREit App APK? Let's talk about some of its highlights. Do you remember the breakneck speed of Bluetooth? This app has pushed that back. This app uses Wi-Fi Direct so you send files faster than average WiFi speeds.

But speed isn't its only trick. This bad boy works on many different platforms. That means whether you're on the Android, iOS, or even PC team, everyone can get in on the action. No more tech envy or being left out.

Additionally, it is not picky about files. Send a playlist to your friends or those vacation photos to mom? Maybe share an app that you can't stop raving about? SHAREit App download APK does not discriminate. All files are welcome, making it a central place for all your sharing needs.

Speedster in File Transfer: It ditches regular Wi-Fi and data to create a Shareit connection. So you can get speeds 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Platform diversity: It doesn't matter if you send files to iPhone from Android or transfer documents to PC. SHAREit 2023 APK is the real deal, breaking down walls between devices. It's like the United Nations of file sharing.

Jack of All Trades: We're talking about any file, big or small. Photos, videos, songs, even apps - there's no "Sorry, we don't accept that file" here. It's ready to handle any digital gadget you throw at it.

Sending files on multiple forums: Need to send files to multiple people? No problem. Group sharing is easy. It's like hosting a virtual party where everyone leaves with a goody bag.

Send for free without internet: Picture this: you're in a remote place with no internet. With most apps, you'll be stuck. But with SHAREit APK download latest version, that doesn't matter. It works without the web when setting up its network. So you can keep sharing those selfies or whatever you love.



File sharing speed is fast, without wasting time.

Supports many different file formats and sizes, with no restrictions on shared content.

Files can be shared without an Internet connection, which is convenient for all situations.


Annoying ads appear and disrupt the user experience.

Takes up storage space and may affect device performance.

The interface and functions are a bit complicated and sometimes difficult to use for those who are not familiar with technology.


Clean House: Use the app's cleanup feature. It’s not just about sharing; it’s about caring for your phone's health.

Stay Updated: New version means new perks. Don’t snooze on those updates. The SHAREit APK isn’t just for show; it packs a punch.

Go Incognito: Use the hidden feature! You can keep prying eyes away from your stuff when sharing. Privacy for the win!

Size Matters: Got massive files? Compress them first. Download SHAREit App it’s fast, but help it out a bit, yeah?


Too many applications running? Close them. Also, check the memory of both devices. No space, no speed.

Sent files sometimes play hide and seek. Always check the default directory. They could be relaxing there.

It just stopped! Accidents are a sad thing. Try restarting the application. Bad luck? Reinstall. Remember, turning it off and on again is a legitimate technological move.


SHAREit APK's exceptional speed, cross-platform compatibility, and flexibility in handling different file types have made it the go-to solution for millions of users worldwide. Whether you need to quickly share photos, videos, music, or even apps, SHAREit eliminates the frustration of slow file transfers and compatibility issues. Finally, thank you for visiting our website. Thank you all for listening.


Multipurpose Tool: SHAREit doesn't just stop at sharing functions. Explore further, and you'll find content like partyos and even system cleaning features.

Highly Interactive: SHAREit is even more interesting when used with friends. Invite them to join sharing files together will be more fun than you think.

Always Updated: Don't forget to update the app. Each new version brings exciting new features. Don't let yourself get lost.

Security Is Number One: Are there rumors about security issues? Don't worry, just update to the latest version. And a word of advice, be careful with files from unknown sources.

Advertisements Seem Annoying: Feeling annoyed with ads? That's the price to pay for a free service. However, that's just a small thing compared to the app's extremely fast sharing speed.

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You are now ready to download SHAREit for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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