Red Ball 4 APK v1.07.05 (Unlimited Lives)

Red Ball 4 APK v1.07.05 (Unlimited Lives)

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Red Ball 4 APK is a fun physics-based adventure game. Roll, jump, solve puzzles, and battle square monsters. Easy to learn, great for all ages.

App Name Red Ball 4
Publisher FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Size 125 MB
Latest Version 1.07.05
MOD Info Unlimited Lives
Get it On Google Play
MOD Info
  • Unlimited Lives
  • All Balls Unlocked

Red Ball 4 is a fun game where you control a red ball on a big adventure. It's not just about rolling and jumping; you also solve puzzles and fight square monsters to save your world. It's easy to play but has lots of interesting challenges.

Five Key Features of the Game

Easy-to-Learn Gameplay

One of the best things about this game is how simple it is to start playing. You move the red ball by rolling and jumping. It's perfect for everyone, no matter how old you are or how many games you've played before. You'll feel like a pro in no time!

Puzzles and Physics

As you go similarly in the sport, you may locate puzzles that make you think. These aren't just any puzzles; they use real-international physics. This approach you want to reflect on how matters flow and work collectively to resolve them. It's like a fun science lesson!

Fun and Friendly Graphics

The sport looks surely joyful. The pink ball has a goofy smile, and the colours are vibrant and glad. This makes gambling the sport sense like you're in a cool animated film world. It's a great manner to make your day more fun.

Challenging Enemies and Levels

You're no longer just rolling round; you are on a project! You need to combat against square monsters looking to take over your world. There are seventy five tiers to beat, each with its own challenges. It's thrilling to peer what's next!

Collect Coins and Power-Ups

While you're saving your world, you can also collect coins. These coins help you get stronger and better at the game. You'll need this strength to beat the big bosses at the end of some levels. It's rewarding to see your red ball become a hero!

Best Tips for Playing Red Ball 4

Learn the Patterns: Many challenges in the game follow patterns. Pay attention to how obstacles move. Once you see the pattern, it's easier to get past them.

Timing is Key: Jumping at the right moment is crucial. Practice your timing, especially in levels with tricky jumps or moving platforms.

Explore for Hidden Coins: Don't rush through the levels. Take your time to explore. You might find hidden coins or secret areas that can help you.

Use Physics to Your Advantage: Remember, the game uses real-world physics. Think about how you can use momentum and gravity to solve puzzles.

Stay Calm and Patient: Some levels can be tough. If you get stuck, take a break and try again later. Sometimes, a fresh start is all you need.

Pros and Cons of Red Ball 4


  • Simple and fun: Easy to learn and enjoyable for all ages.

  • Puzzles and physics: Makes you think and keeps the game interesting.

  • Bright, cheerful graphics: Creates a fun gaming environment.


  • Can be repetitive: Some levels might feel similar.

  • Difficulty spikes: Some levels are much harder than others, which can be frustrating.

Similar Games to Red Ball 4

Angry Birds: Uses physics in fun and creative ways.

Super Mario Run: Another great platform game with easy controls.

Lep's World: A game similar to Red Ball 4, with a fun, adventurous feel.


Red Ball 4 is more than just a simple ball-rolling game. It combines easy gameplay with challenging puzzles and physics. It's perfect for anyone who wants a game that's easy to learn but also makes you think. With its bright graphics and fun levels, it's a great way to have fun and challenge yourself.

Free Download Red Ball 4 APK (Unlimited Money, Unlimited Lives, All Balls Unlocked, Unlock all levels) Latest Version for Android

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Useful Questions and Answers

Q1: Is Red Ball 4 suitable for kids?

A1: Yes, it's perfect for kids! The controls are easy, and the graphics are fun and friendly.

Q2: Can I play Red Ball 4 on my phone?

A2: Yes, you can download it on your smartphone and play it anywhere.

Q3: Are there any tips for beating the bosses?

A3: Focus on learning their patterns and timing your moves right. Each boss has a strategy to beat them.

Q4: Do I need internet to play Red Ball 4?

A4: No, you can play it offline, which is great when you're traveling or away from Wi-Fi.

Q5: Is it free to download Red Ball 4?

A5: Yes, you can download it for free from sites like

Download Red Ball 4 APK v1.07.05 (Unlimited Lives)


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