Papers Please APK v1.4.12 (Full Game)

Papers Please APK v1.4.12 (Full Game)

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Papers Please APK for Android is a role-playing game where you play as an immigration officer. Check papers, and make impactful choices.

App Name Papers, Please
Publisher 3909
Size 40 MB
Latest Version 1.4.12
MOD Info Full Game
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What is Papers Please?

Papers, Please is a computer game. In the game, you work as a border checker. Your job is to look at people's papers. You must see if they are okay to come into your country. The country is called Arstotzka. The game looks old and serious. This is on purpose. It feels like a story from a long time ago. You must be smart to find mistakes in the papers. Sometimes, bad things like bombs happen. Be careful, and work well to win. The game has a lot of praise and is very liked.

The five most outstanding characteristics

  • The job: Your job in Papers, Please is important. You check people's papers at the border. Everyone must show you their papers. Sometimes the rules change. You need to learn and remember the new rules.

  • Finding mistakes: You must be sharp to find mistakes. Look carefully at each paper. See if photos and names match. Check if dates are not too old. When you find people with bad papers, you must stop them. Stopping them protects your country.

  • Choices: You must choose. Let people in or send them away. Follow the rules, or help people sometimes. These choices are hard. Your choices change the game's story. They can make big differences.

  • Money: You get money for good work. Every paper checked right gets you money. But if you make mistakes, you lose money. You need money for your family. They need food and a home. Work well to take care of them.

  • Danger: There is danger too, like bombs or bad people. You must be ready. Keep your eyes open, and do your job. Keep your country safe from bad ones coming in. It is part of your job.

Best advice for users of Papers Please

  • Practice: Play more to get better. It will be easier to find mistakes fast. Good practice means you work better and faster. So you help your family more.

  • Keep rules in mind: Always remember the rules. They can change. Write them down or remember them well. New days bring new rules. Know them to do your job right.

  • Be alert: Watch for danger. Bad things can happen. Be alert always to keep the border safe. Your eyes must catch any wrong doing.

  • Balance: Find balance when you work. Too slow, and you won't earn enough. Too fast, and you make mistakes. Work at a speed that is just right.

  • Learn from mistakes: When you make a mistake, learn why. Don't make the same mistake twice. It makes you smarter and your job easier.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Skill Building: Playing Papers, Please helps you practice attention to detail and quick thinking.

  • Story: The game has a strong, meaningful story that makes you think.

  • Replay Value: There are many different endings, so you can play many times and see different stories.

  • Challenges: The game gets harder in a way that feels fair and fun.

  • Learning: You learn about life in a country that is very controlled and how hard choices can be.


  • Graphics: Some people might not like the old-style graphics.

  • Stressful: The game can be stressful because you have to be fast and always right.

  • Complex: For new players, the game can be hard because of all the details and changes.

  • Dark Theme: Some of the story is serious and very dark, which might not be fun for everyone.

  • Repetition: Some might find checking papers over and over again repetitive.

Alternatives to Papers Please

If you like Papers, Please, you might also enjoy Beholder or This War of Mine. These games also have choices, stories, and sometimes, dark worlds. They are different but give you a similar feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Papers, Please hard to learn?

Answer: Yes, it can be hard at first. There are many rules, and they change. But, the game guides you. With time, you learn and get better.

Question: Can kids play Papers, Please?

Answer: The game is for older players. It deals with tough and serious themes that might not be right for kids.

Question: Are there right or wrong choices in the game?

Answer: The game doesn't have just right or wrong. Every choice can lead to different endings.

Question: How long is the game?

Answer: It can take a few hours to finish one story. But, because there are many endings, you can play much longer.


Papers Please is a game that makes you think hard about choices and responsibilities. It's challenging and rewards careful play. If you like games that tell good stories and make you feel like you are part of another world, this one is worth trying.

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