My Coloring Book Free APK v3.2.1 (Latest Version for Android)

My Coloring Book Free APK v3.2.1 (Latest Version for Android)

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My Coloring Book Free APK is a coloring app with a simple interface, a customizable color palette, offline access, and social sharing.

App Name Coloring Book: Color by Number
Publisher Candy Mobile
Size 10 MB
Latest Version 3.2.1
MOD Info Latest Version for Android
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  • Latest Version for Android

My Coloring Book Free APK is a chill, user-friendly app for Android that brings your artistic side to life. Whether you're filling in the lines of a classic masterpiece or bringing a cute animal to life, this app's got all sorts of images for you to color. With simple number-based coloring, it's perfect for all ages. Just pick a number, find the color, and start painting!

Top 5 Features of My Coloring Book Free

Variety of Images

My Coloring Book Free is like a treasure chest of images. You get to color everything from world-famous paintings like the Mona Lisa to cute animals and intricate mandalas. In this variety manner, there's usually something new to strive for. Whether you're a fan of classic art or love nature scenes, there's a picture that will catch your eye.

It's not just coloring; it's like bringing a piece of history to life with your own touch. For nature enthusiasts, you're in luck - the options are vast and varied. Whether it's peaceful nature landscapes or dynamic animal action, each image delivers a distinct and immersive coloring adventure.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigating My Coloring Book Free is a breeze. The layout of the app is very easy and clean, it will make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Whether you're new to coloring apps or a seasoned pro, you'll find your way around easily.

The primary interface neatly arranges various image categories like wildlife, mandalas, and renowned art pieces. Feel free to browse and choose whatever grabs your attention. Plus, the color selection process is just as simple. Tap the color you want, and then tap the area in the picture to fill it in. It's so easy that even beginners can start coloring in seconds.

Customizable Color Palettes

One of the coolest things about My Coloring Book Free is that you can make your own color palettes. This means you're not just stuck with the colors given. You're empowered to blend different hues, forging your own distinctive color palette. Because of the customizable palettes, you can mix colors to capture the perfect shades for the trees, sky, and other parts of your landscape.

Imagine you're coloring a landscape. With the customizable palettes, you can create the exact shade of green you want for the trees or the perfect blue for the sky. It's like being a painter, mixing colors to get just the right tone.

Offline Accessibility

My Coloring Book Free works offline too. This is super handy because you can color anywhere, anytime. No need for a Wi-Fi connection or to use up your mobile data. Whether you're on a long trip or just want to relax in the park, you can keep coloring.

Being offline lets you use the app distraction-free, so nothing interrupts your coloring flow. No ads popping up or notifications interrupting your flow. It's just you and your colorings, which is perfect for when you need to relax and attention to something laugh and calming.

Social Sharing and Auto-Save

After you've finished a masterpiece, you can share it with friends and family. My Coloring Book Free has easy social sharing options. But sharing your creativity can inspire others to start coloring too.

With the auto-save function, you're guaranteed peace of mind as your work gets saved automatically - no masterpiece lost. It means you won't lose your work if you have to stop coloring suddenly. So, if you're interrupted or need to pause, there's no stress - your progress stays put for when you're ready again. This characteristic makes the app virtually consumer-friendly, in particular for folks who won't have loads of time to color in one cross.

Best Tips for Using 

Utilize Precision Tools

For detailed coloring, try using a stylus or digital pen. A stylus helps you color small spots better. It's like using a fine paintbrush. However, using a stylus allows for precise details and impressive coloring.

Take Regular Breaks

Coloring is fun, but it's important to take breaks. But make sure to take breaks while coloring to avoid eye strain. Every once in a while, put down your device and rest your eyes. Maybe take a short walk or just relax for a few minutes. It'll make your coloring time more enjoyable.

Experiment with Colors

Don't be afraid to try different color combinations. Sometimes the most unexpected colors look great together. Mixing unexpected colors can make for really awesome combos. ​Mess around with the different hues to see what visuals you can generate.

Share and Get Feedback

Share your finished pieces on social media or with friends. Getting feedback can be really encouraging. Changing your environment can spark creativity.

Change Your Environment

Try coloring in different places. Each spot you find yourself in can spark your creativity uniquely. Whether it's a quiet room or a busy café, changing your surroundings can influence your creativity. Observe how your artistic flair in coloring shifts with the ambiance of various settings.

Pros and Cons


  • Variety of Images: With so many options, there's always something new to color.

  • User-Friendly: The app is easy to navigate and great for beginners.

  • Customizable Colors: You can create your own palettes, adding a personal touch.

  • Offline Access: Color anywhere, anytime, without needing the internet.

  • Social Sharing: Share your work easily and get feedback.


  • Limited in Advanced Features: While great for beginners, experienced users might find it lacks advanced coloring tools.

  • Can Be Time-Consuming: Coloring detailed images can take a lot of time, which might not be ideal for everyone.

Similar Apps Recommendations

If you love My Coloring Book Free, check out these similar apps:

  • Colorfy: Offers a wide range of coloring pages with an easy-to-use interface.

  • Recolor: Features 3D coloring options and a large community of users.

  • Pigment: Provides a realistic coloring experience with options for brush styles.

These apps let you unwind by offering a wide range of images and tools for a truly immersive coloring experience.


My Coloring Book Free is a fantastic app for anyone who loves coloring. It's clean to use, gives a number of images, and helps you to get creative with colors. Whether you're coloring to loosen up or to specify your inventive aspect, this app has something for each person. It's an extraordinary way to take a break and do something a laugh.

Free Download My Coloring Book Free APK (No Ads) Latest Version for Android

Ready to add some color to your life? Download My Coloring Book Free from, a trusted source for apps. It's free, amusing, and a notable way to relax and be creative. Go ahead and test the waters - you might be surprised by the stunning masterpieces you're capable of crafting!

Download My Coloring Book Free APK v3.2.1 (Latest Version for Android)


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