Manok Na Pula APK v7.2 (Unlimited Money and Dragon Eye)

Manok Na Pula APK v7.2 (Unlimited Money and Dragon Eye)

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Manok Na Pula Mod APK Unlimited Money and Dragon Eye in a cockfighting game with strategy, training, and online battles.

App Name Manok Na Pula - Multiplayer
Publisher TATAY
Size 106 MB
Latest Version 7.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money and Dragon Eye
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MOD Info
  • Unlimited Money and Dragon Eye

Introduction to Manok Na Pula

Manok Na Pula is an engaging mobile game that simulates the intense world of cockfighting. Combining strategy and action, it allows players to train, upgrade, and compete with roosters in various arenas, offering an immersive experience in the palm of your hand.

Top 5 Features and Functions

Training and Upgrading System

Manok Na Pula's core lies in its intricate training and upgrading system. Players begin with a basic rooster and must improve its stats through training sessions. Each stat, such as strength, speed, and stamina, significantly impacts the rooster's performance in battles. Training requires strategic resource management, as players must balance their time and in-game currency to maximize their rooster's potential.

The upgrading is not just about stats; it also includes aesthetic enhancements. Players can customize their roosters with various skins, making each one visually unique. The satisfaction of developing a champion rooster from scratch is a compelling aspect that keeps players invested in the game.

Combat Mechanics

At the heart of Manok Na Pula is its combat system. Unlike traditional turn-based combat, this game introduces a timing-based hit bar mechanic. Players must tap at the right moment when the bar is blue to land a powerful blow. This system adds an element of skill and timing to the fights, making them more engaging.

The combats are intense, with each decision having the potential to turn the tide of the battle. The thrill of landing a critical hit or coming back from the brink of defeat with a well-timed strike is exhilarating and provides a deep sense of achievement.

Multiplayer Battles and Online Leagues

Manok Na Pula's multiplayer component is where the game truly shines. Players can challenge others from around the globe in real-time battles. These matches are not only about showcasing your rooster's might but also about outsmarting your opponent with strategy and quick reflexes.

The online leagues add a competitive edge to the game, with leaderboards and tournaments that offer valuable rewards. Climbing the ranks in these leagues is both challenging and rewarding, providing players with goals to strive towards and a community to engage with.

Variety of Arenas and Roosters

Diversity is a crucial element of Manok Na Pula. The game boasts a wide range of areas, each with unique aesthetics and challenges. From fiery volcanoes to icy mountains, the environments add a layer of depth to the battles.

Moreover, the game features a plethora of rooster breeds, each with distinct abilities and stats. This variety allows players to experiment with different fighting styles and strategies, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Economic System and Risk Management

The in-game economy is another standout feature. Players must wager money on fights, which introduces an element of risk management. Deciding how much to bet on each match is a strategic decision that can lead to rich rewards or devastating losses.

This system teaches players to evaluate their rooster's strengths and weaknesses against potential opponents and to bet accordingly. It's a thrilling addition that simulates the high-stakes world of cockfighting without any real-world consequences.

Best Tips for Manok Na Pula

Starting Strong

For newcomers, understanding the importance of a strong start is crucial. Investing in the right stats early on can give your rooster an edge in initial battles. Focus on a balanced stat distribution to handle a variety of opponents.

Timing is Key

Mastering the timing-based combat system is essential. Practice tapping the hit bar when it's blue to maximize your attack potential. Anticipate your opponent's moves and strike when they least expect it.

Strategic Betting

Be smart with your in-game currency. Don't bet all your money on a single fight. Instead, bet small amounts until you're confident in your rooster's abilities. This way, you can sustain losses and still have enough to train and upgrade your rooster.

Know Your Opponent

Study your opponents' roosters. Each breed has its strengths and weaknesses. Use this knowledge to choose battles that favor your rooster's attributes, increasing your chances of winning.

Continuous Improvement

Always look for ways to improve. Upgrade your rooster, try different skins and abilities, and adapt your strategy according to your experiences in the arena.

Pros and Cons


  • Engaging gameplay that combines strategy and action.

  • In-depth training and upgrading systems for roosters

  • The multiplayer mode adds a competitive edge.

  • The variety of arenas and roosters keeps the game interesting.

  • The economic system adds a layer of strategic depth.


  • The game may be too intense for some, as it simulates animal fighting.

  • Success in the game can be heavily influenced by in-app purchases.

  • The risk element might not appeal to all players.

Similar Games

For those interested in similar experiences, games like "Clash of Clans" and "Hay Day" offer strategy-based gameplay with a focus on building and upgrading. For animal-themed action, "Angry Birds" and "Goat Simulator" provide quirky alternatives.


Manok Na Pula is a game that stands out with its unique theme and engaging mechanics. It successfully blends strategy, timing, and competitive play into a compelling package that's hard to put down. Whether you're in it for the thrill of the fight or the joy of raising a champion, Manok Na Pula offers an addictive experience for all types of players.

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Some questions that users are interested in (FQAs)

Q: How can I improve my fighter's performance in the game?

A: Enhance your fighter's abilities by consistently training and balancing its stats. Customize its appearance with various skins for added benefits, and invest your in-game currency wisely to upgrade its strengths.

Q: What is the key to success in battles?

A: Success in battles hinges on your timing with the hit bar; tap when it's blue for maximum impact. Additionally, understanding each breed's unique abilities and selecting the right matches to leverage your fighter's strengths is crucial.

Q: Can I play against other people in real-time?

A: Yes, you can challenge players worldwide in real-time battles and compete in online leagues for rewards. This adds a competitive social aspect to the game, allowing you to test your skills against others.

Q: Is there a risk in betting within the game, and how can I manage it?

A: While there is a virtual currency betting system, the risk is managed by strategic betting. Avoid wagering all your funds on one fight; start with smaller bets and increase as your confidence in your fighter grows.

Q: Are there alternatives to this game that are less intense?

A: If you're looking for less intense, strategy-based games, you might enjoy "Clash of Clans" for its building and upgrading gameplay or "Hay Day" for a farm simulation experience. Both offer strategic depth in a more relaxed setting

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