Launcher iOS 17 Pro APK v1.3

Launcher iOS 17 Pro APK v1.3

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Launcher iOS 17 Pro APK is an Android app that transforms your phone into an iPhone with iOS 17, offering customization, security features, and easy controls.

App Name Launcher iOS 17 Pro
Publisher Apps Genz
Size 26 MB
Latest Version 1.3
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  • Full Version
  • Paid Unlocked
  • Premium

What is Launcher iOS 17 Pro?

Launcher iOS 17 Pro is a special app for Android phones. It changes your phone to look and work like an iPhone with iOS 17. This app is perfect for people who like how iPhones look but have an Android. It has cool features like a new design, personalization, and better security.

Five Key Features of Launcher iOS 17 Pro

True iOS 17 Interface

The app makes your Android phone look just like an iPhone. It changes everything – your wallpaper, icons, and even how you see your apps. It's like having an iPhone, but it's still your Android phone!

Customize Your Phone Your Way

You can change how your phone looks with Launcher iOS 17 Pro. Choose your own wallpaper, arrange your apps how you like, and even change how your lock screen looks. It's like painting your room in your favorite color – you make it look how you want!

Use Android Apps Without Trouble

This app is smart. It lets you use all your Android apps but makes them look like they're on an iPhone. So, you don't have to worry about your apps not working. It's like putting on a costume but still being yourself underneath!

Better Lock Screen and Security

Your phone's security is important. Launcher iOS 17 Pro has cool features like Face ID and Touch ID. This means you can unlock your phone just by looking at it or using your fingerprint. It's like having a secret password that only you know!

Easy Controls and Voice Help

The app has a special control center. This makes it easy to change settings like music and brightness. Plus, it can understand voice commands, like Apple's Siri. It's like having a helper in your phone who listens and does what you ask!

Best Tips for Using Launcher iOS 17 Pro

Personalize Your Interface

Spend time making your phone look unique. Try different wallpapers and app layouts. It's like dressing up your phone in its own cool outfit!

Back Up Your Data

Before you start, make sure to back up your important stuff like photos and contacts. It's like putting your treasures in a safe place before a big adventure.

Understand Permissions

Know what permissions the app needs. This keeps you in control of what the app can do on your phone. It's like knowing who you're letting into your house.

Pros and Cons


  • New Look: It's like getting a new phone without buying one.

  • Customization: Make your phone truly yours.

  • Easy to Use: It's user-friendly, even for beginners.


  • Not a Real iPhone: It looks like an iPhone, but some things might feel different.

  • Battery Usage: Using this app might use more battery.

Similar Apps

Nova Launcher: For more customization.

Microsoft Launcher: For a mix of productivity and design.

Smart Launcher: For a simple and smart interface.


Launcher iOS 17 Pro is a great way to make your Android phone look and feel like an iPhone. It's easy to use and lets you personalize your phone in fun ways. Whether you love the look of iOS or just want to try something new, this app is worth checking out.

Free Download Launcher iOS 17 Pro APK (Full Version, Paid Unlocked, Premium) Latest Version for Android

Ready to try Launcher iOS 17 Pro? Download it now from, a trusted source. It's easy and safe. Give your phone a new look today!

Useful Questions and Answers

Q: Will Launcher iOS 17 Pro make my phone slow?

A: No, it's designed to be smooth and should not slow down your phone.

Q: Can I still use my Android apps?

A: Yes, all your Android apps will work just like before.

Q: Is it hard to switch back to my old interface?

A: Not at all! You can switch back anytime easily.

Q: Does this app need a lot of battery?

A: It might use a bit more battery, but it shouldn't be too much.

Q: Is Launcher iOS 17 Pro safe to download?

A: Yes, especially from a trusted site like

Download Launcher iOS 17 Pro APK v1.3


You are now ready to download Launcher iOS 17 Pro for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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