King Of Fighters 98 APK v1.6 (OBB, Multiplayer Mode, Latest Version)

King Of Fighters 98 APK v1.6 (OBB, Multiplayer Mode, Latest Version)

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King Of Fighters 98 APK is a legendary arcade fighting game mobile adaptation, featuring iconic characters, immersive gameplay, and occasional control challenges.

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Latest Version 1.6
MOD Info OBB, Multiplayer Mode, Latest Version
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MOD Info
  • OBB
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • Latest Version

King Of Fighters 98 APK | Dive into the Nostalgic World of Iconic Characters and Intense Battles!

King Of Fighters 98 APK, often referred to as KOF '98, stands as a timeless classic in the arcade fighting game genre. Developed by SNK CORPORATION, this mobile port of the fifth installment in The King of Fighters series brings back the glory of the KOF Tournament. Let's examine the special elements of KOF '98, which have captivated players all around the world, and plunge into its fascinating world.

King Of Fighters 98 APK

Overview of King Of Fighters 98

King Of Fighters 98 (KOF 98) isn't just a game; it's a fighting game legend. This arcade masterpiece returns, reborn for mobile as King Of Fighters 98 APK Offline, reigniting the flames of competitive spirit. Master the unique styles of 38 iconic warriors like Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, stringing together fiery combos in intricate dances of destruction. Hone your skills in various modes, challenge friends in local multiplayer battles, and dominate interactive arenas. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, KOF 98 welcomes you to the KOF Tournament. This is a contemporary combat machine where talent, strategy, and your inner fighting spirit become weapons—not just a nostalgic stroll down memory lane. Get ready to let loose and seize the title of victor!

Outstanding Features of King Of Fighters 98 APK Latest Version

Character Diversity: A Pantheon of Fighting Gods

Forget cookie-cutter combos – KOF 98 boasts a 38-strong roster brimming with unique fighting styles and personalities. Master the fiery fury of Kyo Kusanagi, the graceful blade work of Athena Asamiya, or the chilling darkness of Iori Yagami. To reach their greatest potential, each character must be mastered via strategic play and a symphony of combinations, special moves, and superattacks. Whether you're a grappler, a rushdown artist, or a zoning master, there's a warrior in KOF 98 who speaks your fighting language.

Combo Symphony: Compose Devastating Melodies of Pain

KOF 98 isn't just about button mashing – it's about composing symphonies of pain. Combine fierce kicks, bone-crunching throws, and lightning-fast punches to create lethal combinations that will stun your opponent. Mastering intricate sequences, discovering hidden character synergies, and pulling off jaw-dropping finishers are the heart and soul of KOF 98. The game rewards accurate timing, deft execution, and a deep sense of the potential of the fighter you've selected. Practice makes perfect, but the payoff is pure fighting game nirvana.

Interactive Arenas: Where the Environment Speaks

Forget bland backdrops – KOF 98's stages are living, breathing battlegrounds. Throw your opponent into a fiery backdrop to watch them sizzle, trigger deadly environmental traps, or use the terrain to your advantage. Every arena introduces a new level of tactical complexity, necessitating quick adaptations and creativity. When you become proficient at utilizing your environment as a weapon, you'll be a genuine KOF Tournament master.

King Of Fighters 98 APK Download

Custom Mayhem: Forge Your Crucible of Combat

Forget the same old, same old – KOF 98 lets you design your competitive crucible. For your pals, create custom guidelines and limitations that will make every game an original challenge involving talent and strategy. Do you desire speedier, shorter fights? Completed. Craving epic endurance matches? You got it. Feeling sadistic? Throw in environmental hazards and self-inflicted damage for a truly chaotic brawl. Customize the rules, customize the stakes, and prepare for the most unpredictable clashes the KOF Tournament has ever seen.

Modern Controls: Touch or Controller, You Choose

Forget button limitations – KOF 98 APK welcomes all fighting styles. Master the responsive and intuitive touchscreen controls, perfectly honed for mobile combat. Tap, swipe, and unleash devastating combos with ease. Or, for the purists, plug in your favorite Bluetooth controller and relive the arcade days with precise button presses and joystick finesse. No matter your preferred weapon, KOF 98 ensures you can control your warrior with pixel-perfect precision.

Best Tips for Playing King Of Fighters 98 APK Multiplayer

Ready to climb the KOF ranks? Here are some battle-tested tips to unleash your inner champion:

  • Combo Mastery: Explore each character's unique combo systems to unleash powerful sequences.
  • Optimize Touchscreen Controls: Familiarize yourself with the well-customized controls for precise and effective moves.
  • Strategic Ultimate Skills: Time your ultimate skills strategically to turn the tide in your favor during intense battles.
  • Customize Multiplayer Matches: Experiment with custom rules in online multiplayer for varied and stimulating gameplay.
  • Adapt to Character Diversity: Embrace the diverse martial arts and street fighting styles of each character for a balanced approach.


Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Intriguing Gameplay: Offers complex and engaging fighting mechanics.
  • Optimized Controls: Well-customized for seamless touchscreen interaction.
  • Iconic Characters: Diverse roster with unique skills and combos.
  • Interactive Maps: Dynamic arenas add depth and excitement to battles.
  • Online Multiplayer: Challenge friends for intense and varied matchups.


  • Control Delays: Occasional responsiveness issues with controls.
  • Execution Challenges: Difficulty in accurately executing certain moves.
  • Controller Limitation: Touchscreen mode is necessary due to occasional controller problems.

How to Download King Of Fighters 98 APK for Android?

Visit to securely download and install the King Of Fighters '98 APK. Enjoy the game with the assurance of a trustworthy source:

  1. Visit on your Android device.
  2. Search for "King Of Fighters 98 APK Obb Download" in the site's search bar.
  3. Click on the King Of Fighters 98 APK download link.
  4. Ensure you have allowed installation from unknown sources in your device settings.
  5. Open the downloaded APK file.
  6. Launch the game and immerse yourself in the iconic world of KOF '98!

King Of Fighters 98 APK Obb Download


The embers of the KOF Tournament have been rekindled in King Of Fighters 98 APK. Beyond the nostalgic glow, this cell masterpiece supplies a contemporary combating enjoy teeming with character diversity, intricate combinations, and interactive arenas. It's a playground for both pro veterans and curious newbies, a crucible where ability, approach, and uncooked combating spirit reign perfectly. So, download from here, pick out your warrior, and step into the arena. The glory of the KOF Tournament awaits! Remember, champions aren't made, they're forged in the fires of combat.

Download King Of Fighters 98 APK v1.6 (OBB, Multiplayer Mode, Latest Version)


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