Innertune APK v5.12.17 (for Android)

Innertune APK v5.12.17 (for Android)

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Innertune is an app that gives you positive words to listen to every day to help you think and feel better.

App Name Innertune: Listen Affirmations
Publisher Innertune Media Inc.
Size 54 MB
Latest Version 5.12.17
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Innertune is an app made to make you think good thoughts. It helps you by saying nice words each day. This can make you feel happy, work better, and feel peaceful. With its help, you can change the way you think and improve your life.

Five Key Features:

Innertune has five really neat things that make it special! First, it has very many nice words that are said in a kind way. You get to listen to words that are good for your heart. This makes you feel good inside and can help you change.

Second, you can make the nice words your own. You pick what words mean a lot to you. This makes the words feel more special and powerful because they are just for you.

Third, there's a thing called binaural beats in Innertune. This means you hear sounds that help you relax and focus better. When you listen to these sounds, it's like your mind goes deep under the water and can learn better. It helps your brain take in the nice words in a big way.

Fourth, the app lets you change while you sleep! This is really cool because your brain is still learning when you sleep. So, if you play nice words while you sleep, you can get better even when you're dreaming!

Fifth, there are a lot of nice words in Innertune. Over 27,000! This means you can find the right words for whatever you need help with – like feeling brave, working better, staying healthy, feeling less scared, or loving yourself more.

Best Tips for Innertune:

Now, here are some tips to make Innertune work really well for you. First, remember to use the app in your day every day. Like, have a time when you listen to the nice words. Maybe when you wake up or before you sleep.

Another tip is to use words that feel right for what you need. Pick words that really speak to you and your life to get the best out of Innertune.

Pros and Cons:

Innertune has many pros. Another pro is that you get to pick your own nice words. This means you can make the words fit what you need and who you are. The sounds called binaural beats, which help you to learn the words deep in your mind, are also a big pro. This means you don't only get better during the day, but at night too!

But, Innertune has some cons too. The app doesn't work all the time. Sometimes the nice words don't match what you're going through. And, if you don't use the app, it won't work. It's like a tool. If you don't pick it up and use it right, it can't help you.

Alternatives for Innertune:

If Innertune isn't what you like, there are other apps you can try. Some apps are like Innertune and help you think positively. Others might make you calm or help you to be more thankful in life. Look for these other apps to find one that fits you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

People often ask about Innertune. Like, they want to know how much it costs or if the app is easy to use. They also ask if they need to use the app all the time or if they can share nice words with friends or family. Some ask about what kind of nice words are in Innertune and how they can pick the right ones for themselves.


Innertune can be a great friend to make you think positively and feel good. It has lots of ways to help you and is easy to make your own.

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You can get Innertune from It's a place on the internet where you can get apps. They make sure the apps are okay to use and work well.

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