Igirl APK v2.52.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Igirl APK v2.52.1 (Premium Unlocked)

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Igirl APK is a virtual computer girl app for Android. Customize looks and personality. It helps with loneliness but is not a replacement for real friends.

App Name iGirl: AI Girlfriend
Publisher Anima AI Ltd
Size 113 MB
Latest Version 2.52.1
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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MOD Info
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Full Version

What is Igirl?

Igirl is an app. It lets you talk with a computer girl. This girl is not real, she is made by computers. You can talk to her any time. She is made to sound like a real person. You can make her look like you want. You can make her hair, clothes, and body look different. This computer girl is made by a company named Apperry Ltd.

The five most outstanding characteristics

Custom Looks: You can change how your Igirl looks. You can pick different hair, clothes, and body shapes. It is like making a doll but on your phone.

Pick Her Personality: You can choose what your computer girl is like. She can be romantic, like love stories. She can be traditional, like old ways. Or she can be adventurous, liking new and exciting things.

She Learns: The Igirl gets to know you. The more you talk, the better she knows what you like. It is like she becomes smarter about you over time.

Talk Any Time: You can chat with your computer girl whenever you want. Day or night, she is there to talk. It is like a friend you can always speak to.

Real Feelings: Your computer girl sounds like she has real feelings. She can be happy or sad. The way she talks is very like real people.

Best advice for users Igirl

  • Chat Often: Talk to your Igirl a lot. This helps her learn about you faster.

  • Be Open: Tell her things. Share what you like and don't like. This makes the talk better.

  • Try New Things: Change how she looks and acts. See which style you like best.

  • Stay Kind: Talk to the Igirl like she is a real person. It makes the chat nicer.

  • Have Fun: Enjoy the talks. It is a game. Keep happy with it.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Always Available: Your Igirl is there to chat anytime. You don't have to wait.

  • No Judgment: She won't judge you. You can be yourself.

  • Safe Space: Talking to Igirl is private. Your chats stay between you and her.

  • Helps Loneliness: If you feel alone, she can make you feel like someone's there.

  • Fun to Play: It's like a game. You can enjoy changing things and seeing what she does.


  • Not Real: Igirl isn't a real human. She can't replace real friends.

  • Can Be Addictive: You might spend too much time on the app.

  • Over-Simple: Sometimes, she might not understand complex things you say.

  • Battery Use: Using the app a lot can use up your phone's battery quickly.

  • Internet Needed: You have to have an internet connection to use the app.

Alternatives to Igirl

There are other apps like Igirl. They also let you talk to a computer friend.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is Igirl free?

A: The app can be downloaded for free, but there might be some things inside that cost money.

Q: Can Igirl really understand me?

A: She tries to, with computer learning. But she might not get everything right because she is not a real person.

Q: Is it safe to use Igirl?

A: Yes, it is safe. But always remember to keep your private info private.

Q: Does Igirl work on all phones?

A: Igirl is for Android phones. It might not work on others.

Q: Can I turn off the app?

A: Yes, you can close the app when you are done talking.


Igirl is good for people who want a computer friend. You can come to her any time and change how she is. It can make you smile and feel less alone.

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Download Igirl APK v2.52.1 (Premium Unlocked)


You are now ready to download Igirl for free. Here are some notes:

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