Hotline Miami APK v1.61 (for Android)

Hotline Miami APK v1.61 (for Android)

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Hotline Miami APK is a tough, fast-paced shooter game with unique levels and intense fights, available for mobile devices.

App Name Hotline Miami
Publisher DevolverDigital
Size 11 MB
Latest Version 1.61
MOD Info for Android
MOD Info
  • for Android

Hotline Miami is a game where you play as a bad guy and you must beat everyone that comes at you. It is hard and fast. You can play on phones easily.

Five Key Features

  1. Look - The game uses 2D colorful pictures. These are simple but they look nice. When you play, it is like you are up in the sky looking down.

  2. Playstyle - This means playing by going fast and always moving. You need to look everywhere and make sure you get rid of enemies that try to beat you first.

  3. Levels - Each place in Hotline Miami is different. You will see many rooms and things like a maze. So, you have to think wisely to not get caught or lost.

  4. Fights - There will be enemies trying to beat you. You must be quick to win. The game ends if you lose.

  5. Controls - It is easy to make the character do what you want. This is because the game was made to work nicely on phones.

Best Tips for Hotline Miami

  1. Move a lot – Stay moving to not get hit.

  2. Lookout – Keep an eye on all that is around you. This way, enemies won't surprise you.

  3. Plan – Think about where to go before you move. This helps to not get into trouble.

  4. Use things – There are things in the rooms you can use to hide or beat enemies.

  5. Learn – Each time you play, try to do better. See what works well and do it again next time.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Exciting Action: Hotline Miami offers fast-paced fun, making your heart beat fast.
  2. Easy to Control: The game works well on a phone, easy to use with your fingers.
  3. Different Every Time: Lots of levels to not make you bored. Each feels new.
  4. Cool Look: The 2D graphics are simple but very colorful and fun.
  5. It Makes You Think: Planning your moves is key to winning, not just fast action.


  1. Hard for Beginners: If you are new, the game can be very hard and might make you feel stressed.
  2. Violence: It shows a lot of fighting and is about being bad, which might not be good for everyone.
  3. Only One Way: There is only one type of game to play.
  4. Sound: While the music is good, not everyone likes the loud sounds of the game.

Alternatives for Hotline Miami

Games like Hotline Miami are rare but there are a few. For example, Mr. Shifty mixes hard and fast fighting, almost like Hotline Miami. Another is The Hong Kong Massacre; it's full of action and looks like a movie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Hotline Miami?

A: A very active game where you beat all your enemies fast.

Q: How do I win in Hotline Miami?

A: You have to dodge the enemies' hits and beat them first. You also need a good plan for each level.

Q: Can I play Hotline Miami on my phone?

A: Yes, you can play it on Android phones.

Q: Is this game hard?

A: It can be tough, especially for new players. But, this makes it interesting.

Q: How old should you be to play Hotline Miami?

A: Because of the fighting and being bad, it’s best for grown-ups.

Q: Does Hotline Miami cost money?

A: Normally yes, but sometimes there are offers to download it for free.


Hotline Miami is like a rush - fast and tough. It’s not too easy, but keeps you trying. It's colorful and sharp, even if the game shows fighting a lot.

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