Homescapes Mod APK v6.6.3 (Unlimited Stars And Money)

Homescapes Mod APK v6.6.3 (Unlimited Stars And Money)

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Homescapes Mod APK is an innovative Android game that combines match-3 puzzles with house decoration, bringing stories and brain-challenging fun.

App Name Homescapes
Publisher Playrix
Size 179 MB
Latest Version 6.6.3
MOD Info Unlimited Stars And Money
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MOD Info
  • Unlimited Stars And Money

What is Homescapes?

Homescapes is a fun game you can play on Android phones. In the game, you fix up an old house by playing match-3 puzzles. When you solve these puzzles, you can choose how to decorate the house. You can make the house look really nice how you like. Many people like this game because it mixes puzzles with making a house look good.

The five most outstanding characteristics

Match-3 Puzzles: The game has lots of puzzles where you match three things that look the same. These puzzles are important for fixing the house in the game. Fun to play and they make you think.

Fixing the House: When you play the puzzles, you can change things in the house. You can pick different colors, furniture, and more. This means you can be creative and decide how you want the house to look.

Fun Story: The game has a story with interesting people in it. You can learn about these people as you fix the house. The story makes you want to keep playing the game.

Many Choices: You have thousands of ways to make the house look. You never run out of new things to try in the game. This makes the game different every time you play.

Free to Play: The game is free. You can download it and start having fun without paying money. But, the game has things you can buy if you want. You don't have to buy them to enjoy the game.

Best advice for users of Homescapes

  • Play Every Day: When you play more, you get more coins. Coins help you change the house. So, play a little bit every day.

  • Think before you move: In the puzzles, don't rush. If you think before you move, you can do better and win more.

  • Save Up Power-ups: Power-ups help you in the puzzles. Don't use them right away. Save them for when puzzles get hard.

  • Connect with Friends: You can play with friends. This is fun and sometimes they can help you in the game.

  • Enjoy the Decorating: Take your time making the house look nice. It's fun to see how you can change things in the game.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Creative Fun: You can be very creative with how you decorate the house.

  • Many Levels: There are lots of puzzles to play, so it doesn't get boring.

  • Good for Brain: The puzzles make you think and can be good for your brain.

  • Play with Others: You can connect with friends in the game for more fun.

  • Free to Start: You don't need money to download and begin playing Homescapes.


  • Hard Puzzles: Some puzzles might be very hard for some people.

  • Buying Things: The game has stuff to buy, and sometimes it asks you to buy things.

  • Needs Time: To make the house look the best, you need to play a lot, which takes time.

  • Internet Needed: You must have internet to download and get updates for the game.

  • Space on Phone: The game can take up space on your phone, which might be bad if you don't have a lot of space.

Alternatives to Homescapes

Alternatives to Homescapes include games like Gardenscapes also from Playrix, where you fix a garden, and Candy Crush, which has similar puzzles.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is it easy to play Homescapes?

  A: Yes, it's easy to start but some levels can be challenging.

  Q: Does Homescapes cost money?

  A: No, you can play for free, but there are things you can buy in the game.

  Q: Can I play Homescapes without the internet?

  A: You need the internet to download and get some game updates.

Q: Is Homescapes good for kids?

  A: Yes, it's fine for kids because there's no bad content in the game.

Q: How long will I play Homescapes?

  A: It has many levels, so you can play for a long time.


Homescapes is a fun game to play if you like puzzles and decorating. It's good for your brain and lets you be creative.

Free Download Homescapes Mod APK (Unlimited Stars, Unlimited Money and Coins) Latest Version for Android

If you want to try Homescapes, go to to download it. It's safe and a good place to get the game!

Download Homescapes Mod APK v6.6.3 (Unlimited Stars And Money)


You are now ready to download Homescapes for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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