Google Play Services APK v7.0 (Old Version)

Google Play Services APK v7.0 (Old Version)

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Google Play Services APK is the installation package for Google Play Services, the backbone on Android devices ensuring apps run smoothly.

App Name Google Play services
Publisher Google LLC
Size 171 MB
Latest Version 7.0
MOD Info Old Version
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MOD Info
  • Old Version
  • Stable

Alright, Android users, let's break this down. Ever wonder why your apps run so smoothly and stay updated on your Android device? One unsung hero behind this magic is Google Play Services. It’s the secret sauce making sure everything ticks just right on your device.

What is Google Play Services?

At its core, Google Play Services is like that backstage crew in a theatre production. You don't see them, but they're ensuring everything goes off without a hitch.

Think of it this way: It's the big boss that checks in on all the apps installed on your device. It ensures they're wearing their latest outfits (read: updates) and looking sharp. And while it's at it, it centralizes the management of these app updates. Efficient, right?

Main Features of Google Play Services

  • Google Services Framework APK: You know those moments when you're trying to log into an app, and it just magically knows who you are? That's the Google Services Framework APK at work. It handles the heavy lifting of authentication, syncing up your contacts, and, oh yeah, making sure you get those super-helpful location services without draining your phone's battery.

  • Offline Capabilities: Ever tried searching for something or using maps while offline, and to your surprise, it worked? Tip your hat to Google Play Services. It's got your back, allowing for quick offline searches and giving you those detailed maps even when the Wi-Fi's MIA.

  • Optimization and Performance: Gaming enthusiasts, listen up! Ever noticed how some games run buttery smooth on your Android device? That’s the handiwork of Google Play Services.

  • Other Noteworthy Features: Apart from these cool features, it's also in the background, quietly integrating Google's myriad services with your Android device. Whether it's apps like WhatsApp or Facebook, they all lean on Google Play Services to function at their best.

Accessing and Managing Google Play Services

Download and Install: First things first, folks! Wanna snag Google Play Services APK for Android? Well, the Free Download Google Play Services APK option is there for ya! Head to your trusted APK provider or app store and search for it. Easy peasy.
Update Google Play Services APK: Got a feeling something's off or just being the smart user you are, wanting to keep things updated? No sweat! Hunt down the "Update Google Play Services APK" option in the app store. Tap, and voila, you're golden.
Handling Old Versions: Maybe you've got some nostalgia going on, or there's a particular feature you miss. You can always get your hands on the Google Play Services APK Old Version. But remember, always source from trusted places. Nobody likes nasty surprises.
Get the Specifics: On the lookout for a particular version, like the Google Play Services 7.0 APK? Just type it in, hit search, and you're on your way.

The Connectivity Between Google Play Services and Other Google Apps

The Glue Holding Things Together: Let's keep it 100. Google Play Services is like the unsung matchmaker of your Android device. Apps like Gmail, Maps, or even the Google Play Store Services APK, rely heavily on it.
Behind the Scenes Work: Ever notice how all your Google contacts are synced across apps? Or how settings on one Google app affect the others? That's our buddy, Google Play Services, doing its thing. It makes sure all Google apps talk to each other, share info, and stay in sync.
Map Magic: Pull up a map, drop a pin, check traffic, or go full-on explorer mode. While Maps gets all the credit, Google Play Services is behind the scenes, ensuring it's accurate, up-to-date, and smooth as silk.
The Play Store Connection: Shopping for new apps or updating oldies? The Google Play Store Services APK is another gem that relies on Google Play Services. It guarantees that your downloads, updates, and purchases happen without a hitch.

Importance of Keeping Google Play Services Updated

Running Smooth: We all want our tech to work like a well-oiled machine. That's where updates come into play. Keeping Google Play Services fresh ensures your apps run smoothly, and you're not left hanging.

Safety First: In the tech world, it's a wild west out there! Keeping Google Play Services updated is like having a trusty sheriff in town. It patches up vulnerabilities, making sure those digital outlaws stay out.

Snazzy Features: Who doesn't like new toys?

Memory and Performance: Remember that time your phone went slower than a snail in a marathon? An outdated Google Play Services might be the culprit. Fresh updates can optimize RAM and give your device that extra pep in its step.


Google Play Services, while often overlooked, is the silent hero of the Android world. It's the backbone, the glue, the unsung hero making sure everything runs tickety-boo. Whether it's syncing, updating, or just ensuring things work seamlessly, it's got your back.

Download Google Play Services APK v7.0 (Old Version)


You are now ready to download Google Play Services for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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