Google Camera APK v9.3.160.611900641.14 (Latest)

Google Camera APK v9.3.160.611900641.14 (Latest)

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Google Camera APK is a game-changing app by Google, that uses AI and computational photography to enhance mobile photography.

App Name Pixel Camera
Publisher Google LLC
Size 28 MB
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Hey, Android users! Ever snapped a pic with your phone and thought, "Man, this could be better?" Well, Google felt the same. Enter Google Camera APK, the brainchild app that’s totally changed the mobile photography scene.

No joke, this isn't just another camera app. It's a game-changer. Born for Google's Pixel phones, its reputation quickly exploded. And with good reason!

For a quick background: Google Camera wasn't made to just click pics. Its main goal? To leverage mad tech and AI, ensuring every shot looks dope. So, even if you're not a pro photographer, with Google Camera, your phone thinks it is.


Alright, so what's the big deal? Two words: Computational Photography. It sounds geeky, but it's essentially magic for your pics.

Here's the low-down. Instead of relying solely on your phone's hardware, Google Camera uses software smarts. It means your photos get an AI-powered touch-up, without you doing a thing. So that sunset pic or your dog's goofy face? They're about to look Instagram-ready without needing a single filter.

But, let's get real. This isn't just about prettier photos. Google Camera shifted the entire mobile photography culture. Gone are the days when you needed a pro DSLR for those epic shots. Now, a smartphone, especially one with the Google Camera installed, can get you there.

Quick shoutout to our Samsung users: If you're looking for the Google Camera APK for Samsung, there are ports out there tailored for you. But always grab from legit sources, alright?

For those with less storage or lower-end phones, Google’s got your back too. Check out the Google Camera Go APK. Lighter but still packs a punch.


Night Sight

Ever tried capturing a starry night but ended up with a dark, blurry mess? Night Sight says, "Hold my beer." It literally turns night into day, giving you clear, bright photos even in super low light. So, those night outs, late-night adventures, or camping under the stars? They’re about to get a whole lot clearer.

Portrait Mode

Wanna give your pics that blurred background effect? You know, the one where you pop and everything else is a dreamy blur? Portrait Mode's got you. It brings that DSLR quality right to your pocket.

Super Res Zoom

Zooming in without getting a pixelated disaster was once a dream. But with Super Res Zoom, it’s reality. Whether you're sneaking a zoom on a cute doggo from afar or capturing a distant landmark, this feature ensures clarity stays top-notch.


Heads up, stargazers! This one's for you. Google Camera doesn’t just stop at regular night shots. Want to capture the Milky Way or that constellation you've been geeking out over? Astrophotography mode will have your back.

Video Stabilization

Shaky hands? No problem. This feature’s like giving your phone a built-in tripod. Say goodbye to those Blair Witch vibes and hello to smooth, stable vids.


Okay, folks, let’s cut to the chase. Every shiny thing has a dull side. So, here’s the real talk about Google Camera. We’re laying down the good, the bad, and the meh.

Starting with the good stuff - Google Camera turns your pics from "Alright" to "No way, you took that?!" It's not just hype. The features we talked about earlier? They deliver. Crisp shots, stellar low-light performance, and rad portrait effects. It's like your pictures go through boot camp and come out on the other side as superheroes.

But it ain't all rainbows. First off, not every phone feels the love. Some users gotta go the extra mile, finding the Google Camera APK for Android 10 or whatever version they’re rocking. And while we’re on that, a heads-up: if you’re looking for the Google Camera 9.0 APK latest version, make sure you’re on a site that won’t mess up your phone. Seriously, dodgy downloads are a nightmare.

Now, the downside. Sometimes, this app eats battery like a monster. Plus, with all that techy magic happening, it can act like a diva and crash. Not often, but enough to make you wanna throw your phone (Pro tip: Don’t).

Also, while the pics are top-tier, there can be a wait. High-quality snaps mean your phone’s grinding away, so snapping quick pics? Not always in the cards.


We've combed through the trenches of feedback, and here’s the scoop. Most users are over the moon. “Revolutionary,” “Next level,” and “Mind-blowing” are thrown around like confetti. People are living for the clear shots and those pro feels.

But it's not a love fest for all. Some folks get into fisticuffs with installation. Especially, the peeps trying to get the Google Camera APK for Android 13. Compatibility issues are like that uninvited party guest – they just barge in. Then there’s the crowd that’s like, “Eh, it’s cool,” finding the extra features more gimmick than game-changer.

Bottom line? Most are head over heels, but a few aren’t vibing 100%. Fair enough.


Ready to give it a whirl? Here's your cheat sheet for diving into the Google Camera universe.

First, compatibility. Got a Pixel? Golden. Something else? Might need some extra steps. The key is finding the right version for your Android.

Next up, find a reliable source. Wanna download Google Camera APK? Stick to reputable sites. Your phone’s health isn’t worth risking for a sketchy download.

Download done? Now, you might need to enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in your settings. It’s like telling your phone, “Chill, I got this.”

Run into issues? Breathe. Check online forums, or hit up that tech-savvy friend we all have. Sometimes you need a specific config file or an older version. Annoying, but hey, epic photos await.

All set? Open the app and grant whatever permissions it asks for. It’s not being nosy; it just needs the deeds to do its thing.


Google Camera APK is not just a normal photography application, but a revolution in the field of mobile photography. With the power of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge features, it turns your phone into a professional photography tool, helping you capture unique works of art.

With the ability to make high-quality photos easier than ever, Google Camera offers a fun and creative experience. This makes it an indispensable part of the luggage of mobile photography lovers. This application is a powerful tool for you to express your creativity and capture memorable moments. Get ready for an impressive and exhilarating photography journey.


Not Your Ordinary Camera: Google Camera is more than just capturing and saving. This is like a neat little Photoshop lab in your camera app.

Extremely "cool" Night Mode: Night Sight makes you feel like you have a pair of night vision goggles, turning darkness into day.

Artistic Portrait: Portrait mode isn't just for humans. Whatever you want to stand out, the app will blur the background.

Super Res Zoom: Super Res Zoom helps you use zoom on your phone without losing image quality.

Astrophotography for Space Enthusiasts: This mode allows you to capture the night sky like a professional photographer.

"Eat" a lot of battery: Apps can consume a lot of battery, so be ready with your phone charger.

Not Suitable for All Devices: The version that works on your device may not work for someone else.

The Installation Process Can Be "Tiring": Sometimes you encounter difficulties during the installation process, but don't give up because the great photo results are worth it.

Explore and Enjoy: This is more than just a camera app, it opens up a new world of breathtaking photos.

Download Google Camera APK v9.3.160.611900641.14 (Latest)


You are now ready to download Google Camera for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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