Garten of Banban 2 APK v1.0 (Full Game, Unlocked Version)

Garten of Banban 2 APK v1.0 (Full Game, Unlocked Version)

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Garten of Banban 2 APK is a thrilling adventure game set in a mysterious preschool with puzzles and a suspenseful atmosphere.

App Name Garten of Banban 2
Publisher Euphoric Brothers Games
Size 580 MB
Latest Version 1.0
MOD Info Full Game, Unlocked Version
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MOD Info
  • Full Game
  • Unlocked Version

Garten of Banban 2 is an adventure game set in a mysterious preschool. In Garten of Banban 2, you become a bold explorer, delving into the intriguing yet unnerving world of an enigmatic preschool. It's known for its engaging story, puzzles, and suspenseful atmosphere.

Five Key Features of the Game

Engaging Storyline: The game starts with a gripping narrative. You, as the player, explore Banban Kindergarten, a place with a secret underground facility. This revelation sparks a thrilling journey riddled with nail-biting uncertainty and perilous encounters. The narrative is expertly woven, pulling you into a realm filled with enigmas. As you delve deeper, the plot thickens, revealing hidden aspects of the kindergarten's past. If you're a fan of games where the story pulls you in, this narrative aspect is gonna be your jam.

Puzzle Solving and Exploration: Puzzles form the core of the gameplay. However, the puzzles get increasingly tricky, forcing you to think outside the box. These puzzles aren't just brain teasers; they're woven into the story, making them essential for progress. Digging around every nook and cranny is a major part of the game too. Exploration is crucial in this game—you've gotta poke around every nook and cranny because hints are squirreled away in the most random spots. The first-person view puts you right in the kindergarten, letting you see details up close to solve puzzles while exploring the creepy surroundings.

First-Person Perspective: The game is played from a first-person viewpoint. Because you experience everything as the character, this perspective draws you into the story. However, the first-person perspective makes you feel like you're really in the kindergarten, adding to the excitement. This perspective is key in cracking puzzles because it lets you dig into the details of your surroundings.

Visual and Sound Design: The graphics are a standout feature. They fuse vivid, manga-like visuals with hand-sketched characters, crafting a strikingly attractive universe. The audio elements mesh perfectly with the graphics, dialing up the thrill and unease. But the spooky vibe created by the visuals and sounds makes this horror game super intense and thrilling to play.

Challenging Gameplay: The game is not just about exploring and solving puzzles; it's about survival. You'll face various challenges and obstacles. But the gameplay stays engaging because of the variety of challenges, both physical and mental. But the responsive controls can make it tricky.

Best Tips for Playing Garten of Banban 2

Pay Attention to Details: The game is full of clues hidden in the environment. Always keep your eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary—it could be just what you need to crack a puzzle or navigate a tough spot.

Think Outside the Box: Some puzzles in the game might not have straightforward solutions. Be creative in your thinking and try different approaches if you're stuck.

Manage Resources Wisely: If the game involves resource management, like collecting items or managing health, make sure to use them judiciously. Hold onto your resources until a situation pops up where you have to use them.

Stay Calm in Scary Situations: The game’s atmosphere can be quite intense. When things get scary, staying cool-headed lets you process the situation better and make smarter choices.

Learn from Mistakes: Don’t be afraid to fail a few times. But trying new strategies, even if you fail at first, can teach you more about how to play better.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this game?


  • Movies often spring from popular books, and it's common for audiences to gauge a film adaptation's success by how well it mirrors the detailed images they conjured while reading. The story draws you in, gripping your attention and keeping you captivated as a player.

  • Puzzle Variety: A wide range of puzzles ensures that the gameplay never gets monotonous.

  • Immersive Experience: First-person perspective and high-quality graphics and sound design create a deeply immersive experience.


  • Control Sensitivity: Some players have reported issues with control responsiveness, which can be frustrating and impact gameplay.

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Banban's Garden 2, with its spooky theme and puzzle-based play, really shines because of its gripping plotline, tough game dynamics, and seriously engaging visuals and sounds. Despite a few hiccups with touchiness in the controls, it's well worth playing for any horror-puzzle game fan because its merits are undeniable.

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