FNAF Ultimate Custom Night APK v1.0.6

FNAF Ultimate Custom Night APK v1.0.6

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FNAF Ultimate Custom Night APK is a survival horror game where players must outsmart over 50 animatronic characters with customizable difficulty levels.

App Name Ultimate Custom Night
Publisher Clickteam USA LLC
Size 152 MB
Latest Version 1.0.6
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FNAF Ultimate Custom Night hits the mark as a top-tier survival horror game, masterfully mixing strategy and fear." But players gotta outsmart over 50 freaky animatronic characters to survive this nail-biting, heart-pounding game.

Typical Functions of FNAF Ultimate Custom Night

FNAF Ultimate Custom Night is a game where strategy meets horror. Players must monitor cameras, manage resources, and use their wit to survive against a horde of animatronics.

5 Most Typical Features and Functions

  1. Customization of Animatronics’ Difficulty: The game's most distinctive feature is its customizable difficulty levels for each animatronic. Players can set these from a scale of 0-20, tailoring the challenge to their preference. This dynamic feature shakes up the gameplay, ensuring each playthrough feels fresh and distinct. Beginners can start easy, while veterans can ramp up the difficulty for a true test of their survival skills.

  2. Resource Management: Resource management is key in FNAF Ultimate Custom Night APK. Players must judiciously use their power supply while managing doors, vents, and air ducts. The power management in Among Us requires carefully balancing limited resources, forcing players to strategically prioritize tasks like opening doors and vents to survive each round.

  3. Businesses need clever yet realistic marketing plans to hit goals and balance budgets—setting traps and using tools strategically squeezes the most out of each dollar spent. But setting traps takes planning.

  4. Faz-Coins and Prize Counter: Players can earn Faz-Coins during the night, which can be spent at the Prize Counter to purchase items like plushies and a "Death Coin". But players can get some help by using Faz-Coins to buy stuff like plushies and a "Death Coin" at the Prize Counter.

  5. Unlockables and Challenges: With 16 themed challenges, unlockable office skins, and cutscenes, there's a treasure trove of content to discover. Every challenge tosses a curveball your way, asking you to rethink strategies on the spot and ensuring the gameplay never feels repetitive.

Why Download and Use FNAF Ultimate Custom Night (UCN)

FNAF UCN APK for Android offers an exhilarating blend of strategy and horror. Although the extensive customization options and strategic complexity make it an exciting challenge for fans of the genre. However, surviving the night delivers an unparalleled sense of achievement.

Pros and Cons


  • High Replayability: The customizable difficulty and variety of animatronics ensure each playthrough is unique.

  • Strategic Depth: Resource management and tool usage require thoughtful planning.

  • Rich Content: With numerous challenges and unlockables, there's always something new to discover.


  • Steep Learning Curve: Newcomers might find the game challenging at first.

  • Intensity: The game's horror element might not be suitable for all players.

Requirements to Install

To install FNAF UCN 1.0.5 APK, your device should meet the following:

  • Android 4.1 or higher

  • At least 1GB of RAM

  • Adequate storage space for installation

Similar/Alternative Games

If you enjoy FNAF Ultimate Custom Night, consider these alternatives:

  • Slender: The Eight Pages: A horror game with a focus on survival and resource management.

  • However, Venturing into the Abyss focused more on storytelling and atmosphere. The Dark Descent: It's a spooky yet strategic experience, where you've got to crack brain-teasers while ducking danger.

  • But small businesses and startups need to get strategic with their marketing dollars. This horror game is all about sneaking around and avoiding the creepy neighbor dude.

Final Verdict

Download FNAF Ultimate Custom Night APK for Android if you crave a challenging, strategic horror experience. In the realm of survival horror, its distinct mix of customization options, strategic depth and rich content really sets it apart.

Download FNAF Ultimate Custom Night APK v1.0.6


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