DYSMANTLE APK v1.2.1.16 (Full Version)

DYSMANTLE APK v1.2.1.16 (Full Version)

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DYSMANTLE APK is a full survival game on a dangerous island. Fight enemies, plan battles, make friends, break the cycle of fate to escape.

Publisher 10tons Ltd
Size 28 MB
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DYSMANTLE is a game about survival. You play to stay alive and fight enemies. Everything happens on a big island that is full of danger. The goal is to beat all the bad creatures and save the beautiful world. You are alone at the start but find friends to help you.

The five most outstanding characteristics

Exciting Story: The story is very interesting. You are on an island that changed overnight. Now, it is filled with scary things. You need to find a way off the island by fighting your way through different areas.

Plan Your Battles: Before you fight, you need to have a plan. Planning makes you more likely to win. Knowing what to do, you can fight better and move to a safe place.

Find New Friends: You gain friends called “angels” on your journey. They give you new ideas and help make you stronger. Your friends are key to winning battles and surviving on the island.

Fight Dangerous Foes: There are many different enemies. Each day on the island, you meet new, tough ones. Fight together with your team to overcome them.

Break the Cycle of Fate: You want to go home. To do this, you must turn the “circle of fate”. This requires strength and spirit. Succeed, and you can leave the island behind, free from your enemies.

Best advice for users DYSMANTLE

  • Make a Plan: Always plan before a fight. This helps you know when and how to use your strength and skills.

  • Choose the Right Tools: Have good weapons and energy. This lets you be ready for any battle.

  • Learn from Friends: Talk to your ‘angel’ friends. They teach you smart ways to improve your skills.

  • Rest and Recover: Each new day brings challenges. Make sure to rest so you have enough energy to face them.

  • Be Courageous: Be brave and bold in battles. Facing fear helps you break the “circle of fate” and escape the island.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Engaging Gameplay: The mechanics are fun and keep you interested for hours.

  • Skill Development: You can make your character stronger by learning new skills.

  • Exploration: The island is big and full of secrets to discover as you play.

  • Strategy Elements: Planning your moves add depth to the game, making it more than just fighting.

  • Cooperative Play: Making friends and working together is key, which is good for teamwork.


  • Difficulty: Some players might find the game hard, especially if they're new to survival games.

  • Complexity: With many things to learn, some might get confused.

  • Time-Consuming: The game can take a lot of your time, which might not be good for everyone.

  • Repetition: Doing some tasks over and over again might get boring.

  • Limited Guidance: Not always clear what to do next, which can be frustrating.

Alternatives to DYSMANTLE

If DYSMANTLE is not what you want, you can try similar games like "Stardew Valley" for farming or "Terraria" for exploring and fighting.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What do I do first in DYSMANTLE?

A: Start by exploring. Look for items and make a simple weapon. Learn how the game works.

Q: Can I play with others in DYSMANTLE?

A: You can find friends in the game, but it doesn't have real multiplayer yet.

Q: Are there many different enemies?

A: Yes, there are lots of enemies. They range from wild animals to strange creatures.

Q: Do I have to fight all the time?

A: You need to fight to survive, but you can also spend time exploring and building.

Q: What makes DYSMANTLE special?

A: The mix of planning, fighting, and teamwork with a deep story makes it unique.


DYSMANTLE tests your bravery and skill. It offers both challenges and the joy of overcoming them. Giving a full experience of survival and adventure, it's a game many will enjoy.

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