Doraemon X APK v1.6 (Techloky)

Doraemon X APK v1.6 (Techloky)

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Doraemon X APK is a mobile adventure game inspired by the beloved comic series, featuring engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and iconic characters on Android.

App Name Doraemon X
Publisher Doraemon X
Size 210 MB
Latest Version 1.6
MOD Info Techloky
MOD Info
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Doraemon X APK - Embark on a Whimsical Adventure Through the Colorful World of Nostalgia and Fun!

Doraemon X APK emerges as a fascinating journey game, drawing proposal from the loved comic series that has ended up a staple of many childhoods. At its coronary heart, it features the endearing and humorous robot cat, Doraemon, along with his friends, embarking on thrilling quests in a mystical global. This game is not just an adventure; it is a nostalgic trip down reminiscence lane, wrapped in the contemporary era to offer sparkling and exciting gaming enjoyment.

Doraemon X APK

Overview of Doraemon X Game

Doraemon X transports players into the footwear of Nobita, exploring a substantial and precise international reminiscent of the comic series. From Nobita's house to the Time Museum, the game offers a meticulously crafted universe. Doraemon X APK Full Version is designed with beautiful images and colorful sound effects, ensuring active and immersive gaming surroundings. Whether solving puzzles or engaging in mini-games, the Doraemon X 0.9 version ensures a delightful mix of adventure and entertainment.

Outstanding Features of Doraemon X APK Latest Version

Doraemon X is rich in features that make it stand out in the mobile gaming landscape:

  • A Captivating Storyline: Doraemon X version 0.9 boasts a compelling storyline that blends futuristic technology with heartwarming moments. As Nobita, you'll find yourself thrust into a quest to save the world alongside Doraemon and his companions.
  • Visual Novel Gameplay: Unlike traditional action games, Doraemon X utilizes visual novel-style gameplay. This means the story takes center stage, with interactive dialogues and decisions that shape your adventure in the new updated version 2024 for Android.
  • Engaging Puzzles: The game isn't just about following the story. In the free version for Android, you'll encounter unique puzzles throughout your journey that challenge your skills and problem-solving abilities. Each puzzle you solve unlocks special rewards and adds another layer of fun to the gameplay.
  • Interact with Familiar Characters: A core part of the Doraemon experience is interacting with the series' iconic characters. Doraemon X allows you to connect and engage with Nobita's friends, including Shizuka, Gian, Suneo, and even Nobita's mom.
  • Superb Graphics: The game features impressive graphics that bring the world of Doraemon to life. In the free version for Android, whether you're exploring bustling cities or quaint villages, the visuals are detailed and engaging, even on low-end devices.

Doraemon X APK Download For Android

Best Tips for Playing Doraemon X for Android

  • Pay attention to the story: The narrative is a central element in Doraemon X. In the new version for Android, make choices that align with your understanding of the characters and enjoy the unfolding plot.
  • Explore every corner: The game world is filled with hidden secrets and interesting details. With the new features in the free Android version, take your time to explore different areas and you might discover something unexpected.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with gadgets: Doraemon's gadgets play a big role in the game. Experiment with them during puzzles and battles to see how they can help you progress.
  • Interact with your friends: With the new Android version, talking to your friends in the game can provide clues, unlock new quests, and strengthen your bonds with them.

Personal Experiences

Delving into Doraemon X was like stepping into a vibrant world filled with nostalgia and innovation. From the certain activities of Nobita’s school to the enticing puzzle mechanics, each aspect of the game provided a unique and enjoyable assignment. With the new version for Android, the combo of motion and humor, a feature of the Doraemon series, turned into especially compelling, making every gaming session memorable.

Doraemon X Game

The Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Unique visual novel gameplay: This style of gameplay in the free Android version offers a refreshing change of pace from traditional action games and puts the story at the forefront.
  • Engaging puzzles and challenges: The puzzles add another layer of fun and challenge to the gameplay, making Doraemon X version 2024 more engaging for players.
  • Large cast of interactive characters: The ability to interact with all your favorite characters from the series adds depth and emotional connection to the game.
  • Superb graphics: The high-quality visuals bring the world of Doraemon to life in a vibrant and detailed manner.


  • May be too easy for experienced gamers: The puzzles and challenges might not be difficult enough for seasoned gamers.
  • Limited voice acting (depending on the version): The lack of extensive voice acting for all characters and dialogue might feel like a missed opportunity for immersion.
  • Can be grindy at times: Some aspects of the game might require repetitive actions to progress, which can feel tedious for some players.

Download and Install from

For a safe and secure Doraemon X APK Download For Android, head over to This trusted site ensures you get the full version without any hassles. Simply search for "Doraemon X" and follow the straightforward installation guide to start your adventure.

Doraemon X 0.9


Doraemon X APK is a mobile game that brings the Doraemon universe to life. With its combo of exploration, puzzle-fixing, and movement, coupled with lovely visuals and a rich storyline, the new updated 2024 version for Android offers an immersive experience for both enthusiasts and newcomers. Whether you're reliving childhood memories or discovering Doraemon's world for the first time, Doraemon X latest version is your gateway to endless fun and adventure.

Download Doraemon X APK v1.6 (Techloky)


You are now ready to download Doraemon X for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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