Doraemon X APK v0.7c (Full Game, Unlocked All)

Doraemon X APK v0.7c (Full Game, Unlocked All)

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Doremon X APK is an anime-themed mobile game with adventures, puzzles, and character upgrades.

App Name Doraemon X
Publisher Hotmilk Patreon
Size 103 MB
Latest Version 0.7c
MOD Info Full Game, Unlocked All
MOD Info
  • Full Game
  • Unlocked All

Doraemon X APK is a vibrant mobile game that encapsulates the charm of the classic anime. With puzzle-solving, adventure quests, and PvP action, it lets players experience the world of Nobita and Doraemon with a modern twist, including gadgetry, upgrades, and real-time multiplayer battles.

Focus on the 5 most typical features and functions

A World of Adventure and Nostalgia

Doraemon X isn't just a game; it's a gateway to nostalgia, with a pinch of 21st-century gameplay. The adventure starts at Nobita's door, spirals through time, and plunges you into a world where every corner holds a piece of childhood. You've got puzzles that'll jog your brain and obstacles that'll test your reflexes.

As you navigate through this colorful world, each level unfolds like a page from the manga. The puzzles aren't just fillers; they're cleverly designed challenges that resonate with the series’ original plots, requiring both wit and timing. And as you hop from one location to another, the game pays homage to the anime with Easter eggs hidden in plain sight, rewarding the sharp-eyed fans.

Interact, Upgrade, and Strategize

Characters in Doraemon X aren’t just for show. They're your allies, each sporting unique abilities that can turn the tide in challenging situations. Upgrading these characters is not only a click-and-wait recreation; it's a strategic selection that can outline your gameplay style.

Choosing which character to upgrade and when to deploy their special skills adds a layer of depth to your journey. It’s not just about who’s strongest, but who’s right for the puzzle at hand. As you climb the PvP ladders, the right upgrades will mean the difference between victory and a learning experience.

Immersive 2D World

Imagine stepping into a 2D world that’s alive with nostalgia and yet, fresh to the touch. That's Doraemon X for you. The animation style is a loving nod to the anime we all know, but don't let the old-school graphics fool you. Every frame is crafted to draw you in, making you part of the Doraemon universe.

The backgrounds aren't just static images; they’re living parts of the story. The school, the Time Museum, and other iconic locations are not mere backdrops but interactive elements of gameplay. You’ll find yourself pausing, not just to figure out your next move, but to admire the view.

Soundscapes of Your Childhood

The audio isn’t an afterthought here. It’s a finely tuned accompaniment to your adventure. The clang of a gadget, the victory jingle, or the nostalgic tunes accompanying your journey; they're all here, rendered with clarity to keep you immersed.

What’s more, the game allows you to interact with characters, not just through text but with voices that echo the anime. It’s not just any voice-over; it’s your favorite characters speaking to you, urging you on, and sometimes, offering that much-needed comic relief.

A Community of Adventurers

Doraemon X goes beyond solo play. It’s a community. The game's social features permit you to join forces with pals or in shape wits with fanatics throughout the globe. Sharing strategies, competing in real-time PvP, and collaborating on quests add a layer of connectivity that’s rare in mobile gaming.

This isn’t about showing off high scores; it’s about sharing moments of triumph and the occasional "oops" moment. The game turns every player into a storyteller, contributing to a larger narrative that’s part Doraemon, part the community’s own making.

Best tips for the game

Know Your Characters

Each character comes with a unique set of skills. Know them. Love them. Use them wisely. Nobita might not always be the strongest, but his ingenuity is key in certain puzzles. And Doraemon’s gadgets? They’re game-changers. Literally. Understand what each character and gadget can do, and you’ll turn challenges into child's play.

Upgrade Strategically

Don’t scatter your resources. Target your upgrades. It's tempting to boost your favorites, but sometimes the underdog has the skill that’ll breeze you through the next challenge. Look ahead, plan your upgrades, and remember, a balanced team often trumps a single powerhouse.

Puzzle Patterns

Patterns are everywhere. Recognize them, and puzzles become easier. There’s logic in the layout, and once you crack the code, you’ll move through levels like a hot knife through butter. Take a step back, breathe, and let the patterns reveal themselves.

Timing and Reflexes

Some challenges are about speed; others, precision. Work on your reflexes. Practice makes perfect, and in Doraemon X, perfect gets you to the next level. Time your jumps, your gadgets, and your attacks. It’s not just about hitting hard; it’s about hitting right.

Community Wisdom

Don’t shy away from the community. Dive in. There’s wisdom in the crowd. Tips, tricks, and life-saving hacks are just a chat away. Join forums, follow socials, and make friends. The more you connect, the more you collect – knowledge, that is.

Pros and Cons


Doraemon X offers a deep dive into a well-loved universe, delivering a perfect blend of nostalgia and new-age gaming. The strategic element of character and gadget upgrades ensures that the game remains engaging over time. The graphics and audio are spot-on, transporting players straight into the anime world.

Community interaction is another massive plus. The game successfully fosters a sense of belonging, turning solo players into members of a global Doraemon squad. The mix of story-driven and PvP gameplay caters to a variety of gaming preferences, keeping things fresh and inclusive.


For the uninitiated, the wealth of characters and gadgets might be overwhelming. The learning curve can be steep if you’re not familiar with the Doraemon lore. Also, while the game is free, some in-app purchases can be tempting, which might not appeal to players who prefer a completely free experience.

Despite its intuitive design, the interface could be daunting for those less tech-savvy. And while the community is a boon, it can also be a bane if competitive play isn’t your cup of tea.

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Doraemon X is more than a recreation; it is a heartwarming journey tinted with the beyond's colors and cutting-edge gaming dynamics. It's a deal for fans and a delightful introduction for beginners to the franchise. Balancing strategic depth with intuitive gameplay, it holds its place as a must-try mobile game.

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