Door Kickers APK v1.1.32 (Android Game)

Door Kickers APK v1.1.32 (Android Game)

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Door Kickers is a tactical video game that combines strategy and action. Lead SWAT teams from above, plan missions and adapt to challenges.

App Name Door Kickers
Publisher KillHouse Games
Size 460 MB
Latest Version 1.1.32
MOD Info Android Game
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  • Android Game

Door Kickers is a fun video game. It mixes clever thinking games with action shooting games. You look from above and you can see everything. You guide SWAT people through dangerous places. It feels like you are their boss, telling your team what to do.

Five Key Features

Door Kickers has many cool things about it. First, you can play it however you want. You could plan every move of your team or just go with the flow. If you like to be super in charge, this game is fun for you.

Second, it's like you are drawing a path for your team. You use lines and circles to tell them where to go well. The white circles are for where to stand. Blue circles let you pick actions like opening doors or using special gear.

Third, sometimes your team can wait. Orange signs show when to stop and look. They will wait till it's safe or you tell them to go. It's smart for keeping your SWAT people safe.

Fourth, there's a surprise. The places your team can’t see are hidden. This is called fog of war. You find out what's there when a team member looks at that spot.

Last, you can have a sniper help you. A sniper is a person who can shoot from far away. They stay off the screen but can get any bad guy they see. This can make some missions easier.

Best Tips for Door Kickers

Playing Door Kickers can be hard sometimes. But no worries, here are top tips. First, take your time planning. A good plan helps your SWAT team stay safe and do the job right.

Second, use the pause. If things get too fast or you see trouble, hit pause. This lets you think and make new plans if you need to.

Third, learn what your team can do. Each person has different tools and is good at different things. Pick the best ones for your plan. If you need to break a door, bring someone with a strong kick!

Remember to watch the bad guys and how they move. This can help you catch them by surprise.

Last, don't forget to have fun with trying different ideas. Don't worry if it does not work first time. You can always try again and get better.

Pros and Cons

Every game has good sides and bad sides. In Door Kickers, the good things are many. First, it lets you be the boss, and you can make the game fit your style. Do you like to think and plan ahead, or just jump in? Both work here.

A big plus is that it makes you think like a real SWAT chief. You must see everything and make safe plans. This is a cool brain game.

Also, Door Kickers is tricky. With each look, it's a new surprise. You learn much as you play. More than that, you feel strong when your plan works well.

But, the game can be tough at first. It’s not always easy to learn. This may make some players feel lost.

And while the top-down view is great, some people may miss 3D action. Remember when I said fog of war? That too can be tricky if you're new.

Finally, without many stories or big changes in the game, some may find it the same after many plays.

Alternatives for Door Kickers.

If Door Kickers feels hard or you want to try something else, many games are like it. Games like XCOM or SWAT 4 might be good for you. They have tactics and action too, but in different styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have questions. Like, "Can I play on my phone?" Yes, Door Kickers works on Android and iOS.

"How long is the game?" It has lots of missions. It can go for hours if you like it.

"is it only single-player?" Mainly, yes. But, you can make your own maps or play maps others made.

"Do I need the internet to play?" No, you can play offline. That's good for when you're on the move.


Door Kickers is a fun game that makes you think and act. With planning and action mixed, it gives hours of fun. Try it, and be the SWAT boss you want to be!

Free Download Door Kickers (Unlimited Stars) Latest Version for Android

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Download Door Kickers APK v1.1.32 (Android Game)


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