CX File Explorer APK v2.0.3 (Android App)

CX File Explorer APK v2.0.3 (Android App)

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CX File Explorer APK is a free Android app that serves as a useful organizing tool. It simplifies file management, allowing you to easily locate them.

App Name Cx File Explorer
Publisher Cx File Explorer
Size 8 MB
Latest Version 2.0.3
MOD Info Android App
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  • Android App

What is CX File Explorer?

CX File Explorer is like a helper for your Android phone. It helps you keep your files neat. Files are like the things you save in your phone, like photos, videos, or documents. With CX File Explorer, you can find, move, and take care of your files easily, like how you arrange things in your room, so you can find them again.

The five most outstanding characteristics

  • Easy to Use: This app has a simple look. You can easily see where all your things are, like a tidy room with everything in the right box.

  • Manage Files Here and There: CX File Explorer lets you work with files on your phone, on clouds like Google Drive, and places on the internet that store files.

  • Find out Phone Space: The app shows you what is taking up space on your phone. It's like having a picture that shows which toys or clothes are using too much room.

  • Recycle Bin for Oops Moments: If you delete a file by accident, like throwing away a toy you still want, this app has a recycle bin to get it back.

  • Do Lots with Files: You can do many things with files. You can copy-paste, name them again, put them together in a group, and send them to friends.

Best advice for users CX File Explorer

  • Keep It Cleanff: Copy important files to the cloud or another safe place, li: Use folders to organize, so you can find files like finding books on the right shelf.

  • Save Space: Delete files you don't need to make room for new things, like giving away old toys.

  • Stay Safe: Be careful with who you share your files with, as they can be private.

  • Check Phone Space: Look at the storage picture often to stay on top of what's using space.

  • Back-Up Important Stuke keeping a spare key.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • No Cost: It's free, like getting a toy without paying.

  • See Everything Easy: Its design is simple to look at and use.

  • Work with Many Files: You can do a lot with different kinds of files in one place.

  • Find Out Phone Space: You get a clear picture of how your phone space is used.

  • Recycle Bin Helps: If you delete something by mistake, you can get it back.


  • Bright Screen Only: It has no dark mode which can be hard on the eyes at night.

  • Needs Permission: It needs to be allowed to manage your files which might worry some.

  • Learning Needed: Some might need to learn how to use all its features.

  • Phone Root Access: Without root access, some deep files can't be managed.

  • Ads Might Be There: Free apps often have ads, which can be annoying.

Alternatives to CX File Explorer

If you don't like CX File Explorer, you can try other apps like "Amaze File Manager" or "Solid Explorer." These are also like helpers for your phone files.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is CX File Explorer safe?

A: Yes, it is safe like a locked door for your files.

Q: Can I share files with friends?

A: Sure, you can share them like giving toys to a friend.

Q: Does it cost money?

A: No, it’s free like playing games at the park.

Q: Can it work with my computer files?

A: Yes, if your computer is set up to share files in the network.

Q: Can CX File Explorer help me delete old files?

A: Yes, it can help like a broom helps clean up.


CX File Explorer can be a great friend to manage your phone files. It's like having a tidy box for all your special things. It’s simple and does many things without needing to pay money.

Free Download CX File Explorer APK Latest Version for Android

Got no file helper on your phone? Go to and get CX File Explorer. It's a trusted place like a favorite toy store, where you can get this tool for free!

Download CX File Explorer APK v2.0.3 (Android App)


You are now ready to download CX File Explorer for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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