Chikii Mod APK v3.17.1 (VIP Unlocked)

Chikii Mod APK v3.17.1 (VIP Unlocked)

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Chikii Mod APK is Play PC games on Android phones through the cloud, with 100+ game options, customizable graphics, and online multiplayer.

App Name Chikii-Play PC Games
Publisher Chikii Cloud Game
Size 75 MB
Latest Version 3.17.1
MOD Info VIP Unlocked
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MOD Info
  • VIP Unlocked
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Supports All Game

Chikii is an app for Android phones. It lets you play computer games on your phone. You do not need a strong computer. The app uses the internet to let you play games that are on a server.

Five Key Features

Play PC Games on Phone: Chikii lets you play big games that are normally for computers, but on your Android phone. You don't have to own a powerful computer to enjoy these games. When you use Chikii, you get to play these games from the cloud. The "cloud" is like a big, powerful computer in the sky that you connect to over the internet.

Lots of Games to Choose From: There are more than 100 games you can play. These are big and popular games that many people like. From adventures and sports to fighting games, there's something for everyone. Imagine having a big toy box full of every kind of game you can play anytime.

Change How the Game Looks: Some people have older phones, and some have new ones. Chikii lets you change the game's look so it can work well on your phone. Whether your phone is old or new, you can make the game look good and run smoothly.

Save Your Game: While playing, you might want to stop and do something else. Chikii lets you save your game. This means you can stop playing and later you can start from where you stopped. It's like putting a bookmark in a book to keep your place.

Play with Friends Online: You can play these games with friends, even if they are far away. Chikii has a way to play online. So You can join friends to have fun together, play against each other, or work as a team.

Best Tips for Chikii

Good Internet Connection: Make sure your internet is running well before you play. Games on Chikii need a good connection because you are playing over the internet.

Charge Your Phone: Playing games can use a lot of your phone's power. It's good to start playing with a full battery or have your charger nearby.

Regular Breaks: Looking at a screen for a long time can make your eyes tired. Make sure to take breaks. Stop every hour and look away from the screen or walk a little. This is good for your eyes and body.

Learn Controls: Games on Chikii might have different buttons to press. Spend some time to learn these buttons. This will help you play better.

Save Data: Remember to save your game often. If you stop suddenly, you might lose your game progress. Saving often keeps your game safe.

Pros and Cons


  • Convenience: Chikii is very handy because it makes it possible to play PC games on a mobile device. People who don’t have a gaming computer can still enjoy these games.

  • Free to Use: One of the best things about Chikii is that it’s free. This can save you money since you don't need to pay for expensive gaming equipment.

  • Wide Selection of Games: With Chikii, you have many games to try. It's just like having a large library where you can pick any book you want, but for games.

  • Portable Entertainment: You can play games from anywhere if you have your phone and an internet connection. Play at the park, on a bus, or while waiting for friends.

  • Social Gaming: Being able to play with friends online means that you can have fun with others, share experiences and create game memories together.


  • Requires Strong Internet: You need a good internet connection for Chikii. If your internet is slow or not stable, playing games might not work well.

  • Limited by the Mod APK Version: The Mod APK version might not have all the newest updates or features. It can also be less secure than the original app.

  • Battery Use: Gaming on your phone uses lots of power, and it can drain your battery quickly. That’s something players have to plan for.

  • Potential for Lag: Because the games are played over the internet, there might be a delay sometimes, which can be frustrating during game play.

  • Storage Space: While you don't need to download the games, the app itself might take up space on your phone and this can be a problem if your phone is already full.

Alternatives for Chikii

There are other apps like Chikii if you want to try different ones. Some of these are GeForce Now, Vortex and Steam Link. These apps also let you play games on your phone using the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chikii?

Chikii is an app that lets you play games from a computer on your Android phone.

Is Chikii free?

Yes, Chikii is free to use.

Do I need a strong internet connection?

Yes, a good internet connection is important to play games smoothly on Chikii.

Can I play with friends?

Yes, you can play online with friends using Chikii.

Will it use a lot of my phone's battery?

Playing games can use a lot of your phone's battery, so it is better to get a full charge or keep a charger close by when you play.


Chikii is a great app for playing computer games right on your Android phone. It is easy to use, free and full of games that you can play alone or with your friends. If you like computer games but can’t play them on your computer, Chikii is a good choice for you.

Free Download Chikii Mod APK (Unlimited Coins, VIP Unlocked, Unlimited Coins, Supports All Game) Latest Version for Android

Are you ready to play great games on your phone? Go to It's safe, and you can download Chikii for free. Join lots of players using Chikii, and start playing big computer games on your small phone now. Enjoy!

Download Chikii Mod APK v3.17.1 (VIP Unlocked)


You are now ready to download Chikii for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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