Boxing Star APK v5.3.0 (Unlimited Money and Gold)

Boxing Star APK v5.3.0 (Unlimited Money and Gold)

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Boxing Star APK is this exciting mobile boxing game where you create a unique boxer, train, and fight to become the champ. Customize, battle online, and more!

App Name Boxing Star
Publisher FourThirtyThree Inc.
Size 751 MB
Latest Version 5.3.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money and Gold
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MOD Info
  • Unlimited Money and Gold
  • MOD Menu

Boxing Star is a fun boxing game you can play on your phone. You start as a street fighter and work hard to become the boxing champ. As you fight and win, you get better at boxing. The game is full of cool hip-hop music, making it feel lively and fun.

Five Key Features

The first big thing in Boxing Star is making your boxer look cool. You pick from lots of clothes and gloves to make a style that's all yours. You also go to the gym to make your boxer strong. You decide which punches to make better, like jabs or hooks.

Next, you can change your fighter's moves in the game. You pick three special skills that fit your way of fighting. For example, if you like hooks, make those stronger. This makes every boxer in the game different.

In fights, the game looks very fun. You punch by tapping and swiping your screen. If you dodge at the right time, you can hit back stronger. The boxers in the game move and make faces like in cartoons. If you get punched a lot, your boxer's face will look funny, very swollen.

A super cool part is using your own face or a friend's with "Photomatch." This way, your boxer truly looks like you or someone you know. It makes the game more personal and fun.

Lastly, you fight other people's boxers online to see who's best. You try to climb to the top of the leaderboard. Winning feels great and gives you nice rewards.

Best Tips for Boxing Star

To do well in Boxing Star, keep these tips in mind. First, be fast like a butterfly and hit hard like a bee, as they say in boxing. Don't let the big swings from opponents hit you. If you see one coming, move away! Now is your chance to hit them back even harder.

If you know your opponent will throw a big punch, pretend you'll get hit, then move fast! This helps you avoid it and gives you a turn to swing big. Also, always choose the right special skills that match how you want to fight. This makes your boxer really good in fights.

Pro and Cons

One good thing about Boxing Star is how it lets you make your own boxer. You can choose how they look and fight, which is lots of fun. The game graphics make fights look cool, with big hits that send boxers flying. It's also great you can fight with other players online.

There are downsides too. Sometimes the game might ask you to pay money to get better stuff or to move up faster. And if you don't have good internet, you might not enjoy fights that much because they can be slow or stop.

Alternatives for Boxing Star

There are other boxing games like Real Boxing if you want to try a different one. This game is also about fighting and becoming the best. They are both fun but in different ways. If Boxing Star isn't what you like, Real Boxing might be.

Frequently Asked Questions

People often ask questions about games like Boxing Star. One might be, "How do you dodge punches?" You do this by swiping on the screen at the right time. Another question is "Can you fight friends?" Yes, you can challenge your friends to matches! A common one is, "Does it cost money?" The game is free, but some things in the game might cost if you want them.


Boxing Star is a really fun boxing game on the phone. You create a boxer, dress them up, train, and fight to be the best. The game is easy to start but hard to stop because it's very exciting!

Free Download Boxing Star APK (Unlimited Money and Gold, Freeze Enemy, Mega Punch) Latest Version for Android

If you think Boxing Star sounds fun and want to play, go to It’s a place you can trust to download the game. They make sure the version is safe and works well on your phone. So go on, give it a try, and become the boxing champion you've always wanted to be!

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