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Blackhole is a music app. It lets you listen to songs with no ads and without paying. You can even keep the songs on your phone.

Five Key Features

Listen Without Ads

Sigh. Ads are a pain. They jump at you while listening, and eat time. But, not here. Blackhole says bye to ads. You? You just enjoy the tunes, nothing else.

Don't Pay Money

Many apps ask money every month to listen. It's hard on the wallet. Blackhole's shoulders are free from that weight. Everything? It's at no cost. Happy days, yes?

High Sound Quality

Some apps make music sound bad, like old radios. But Blackhole? Music feels live, clean, and close - as if singers are in the room with you.

Save Songs on the Phone

The Internet goes bye-bye sometimes. No good for music streaming, right? With Blackhole, keep songs on the phone. Play them anytime, even when offline or in the air.

Share with Friends

Found a new favorite song? Easy. Push one button. Send songs to your friend's Blackhole. Now, dance together even when apart.

Best Tips for Blackhole.

  • Save and Sort: Internet won't stay forever. When it's good, gather songs. Make neat lists. Maybe for mornings, workouts, or sleepy times. Later? You're set, even without internet.

  • Find new genres: Your ears know pop or rap maybe. But hey, there's more. Flirt with jazz, say hi to classical, or nod to rock. New sounds for your ears are waiting.

  • Manage your battery: While jamming out, don't let your phone's power go all sleepy. Darker app looking lowers battery use. It's also nice for your eyes at night.

  • Teach the app your taste: Like some songs over others? Tell the app. Thumb up what you love, thumb down what you don't. Over time? App learns and plays more of your beloved tunes.

  • Stay updated: Apps are like fruit. Fresh is best. Update the app when it asks. New stuff and bug fixes live in updates. Want a smooth ride with your jam? Keep the app fresh.

Pros and Cons


  • Free to Use: No empty pockets with Blackhole. Music stays free, always.

  • No Annoying Ads: Hate breaks while jamming? No worries here. Your songs flow with no stops.

  • High Sound Quality: Every note feels like the band’s right there. Clear, crisp tunes for your ears.

  • Offline Play: Going somewhere with no web? Music comes with you. Download and keep listening.

  • Sharing Power: Found a catchy tune? One tap. Now your friends can vibe to it, too.


  • Battery Use: When you play music a lot, your phone may get tired faster.

  • App Crashes: Sometimes, just like us, the app might trip and fall. Oops!

  • New User Learning: Need some time to know the app’s secrets. It might be clumsy at first.

  • Limited Music Catalog: Can’t find every song under the sun. Some hidden gems might be missing.

  • Dependency on App Updates: If you don't update, sometimes it can glitch. Keep it fresh to stay smooth.

Alternatives for Blackhole

Not feeling Blackhole? There are other music apps around. Spotify is big, has tons of songs. Apple Music plays well with iPhones. And SoundCloud? It's cozy for fresh artists. Choose your own tune!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Blackhole really free?

Yep. No cash, no problem. It's yours to use without reaching for your wallet.

Q2: Can I play music offline?

Sure can! Grab the songs when online. Then, they're yours to hit play, even in the wild with no signal.

Q3: Does it eat my data much?

Well, if you stream, it munches some data. Best move? Save songs on Wi-Fi, enjoy anytime.

Q4: Can my friend use Blackhole?

Totally! Share the beat fun. Everyone’s invited, it's friendly like that.

Q5: How to keep Blackhole fun working right?

Just like you, the app likes being updated. New version pops up? Get it and stay smooth sailing with the tunes.


Blackhole is a cool place for music. No ads, no fee, just sweet, sweet melodies. Yes, it might hiccup or miss a few songs. But throw in free use and song sharing? It makes a lot of smiles.

Free Download Blackhole APK (Music Unlocked) Latest Version for Android

Want smooth grooves without strings attached? Fly over to Trust us, they have Blackhole. Click, download. Your beat paradise waits. No ads, no fees. Just your music, your way.

Download Blackhole APK v28 (for Android)


You are now ready to download Blackhole for free. Here are some notes:

  • To prevent users from installing apk files from outside, Google Play has now added a warning when installing apks & mods. PlayProtect will tell you the file is harmful. Simply, just click “Install anyway (unsafe)”.

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