Azur Lane APK v7.1.14 (Android Game Anime)

Azur Lane APK v7.1.14 (Android Game Anime)

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Azur Lane APK is a mobile game with cute ship girls, exciting battles, and collectible warship characters. Build a team, enjoy a sea-themed adventure.

App Name Azur Lane
Publisher Yostar Limited.
Size 1.6 GB
Latest Version 7.1.14
MOD Info Android Game Anime
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MOD Info
  • Android Game Anime

Azur Lane is a game you play on mobile phones. It's like a fun shooting game. Imagine ships as cute girls you can collect. They help you fight enemies at sea, just like in long-ago war stories.

Five Key Features

Azur Lane has many things that make it fun. Here are five big things:

Ship Girls: The game has many "ship girls." These are like cute characters that represent real warships. They all have different looks and powers. You can build a team with them and make your group very strong.

Battles: You use your fingers to move your ship girls in battles. You tap and slide to shoot and dodge. It's fun and gets your heart beating fast. You need to think fast and choose smart ways to fight to win against the sea monsters and enemies.

Build Ships: You can create more ship girls. With items you get in the game, you can make new ones join your team. It's like a surprise, you don't know which one you will get.

Home Base: You have a place for your ship girls to rest. It's like a house. You can decorate it and make it look nice. Your character girls can walk around and play. It's cozy and fun to make it your own.

Events and Stories: The game always has special events. They give new stories and chances to get rare ship girls. The stories are exciting and they can teach you a little bit about history.

Best Tips for Azur Lane

Save Your Gems: Gems are very special. You get them slowly over time. Do not use them too fast. Make saved gems a big pile before spending.

Choose Right Ship Girls: Some ship girls work well together. Look at their skills and how they match. Making the right team is very important.

Update Equipment: Make your ship girls stronger. Give them better guns and other items to fight well. This can help you beat stronger monsters.

Play Events: Events are special times. They can give you rare items. Play events to get these prizes.

Be Patient: The game is not too fast. Sometimes you wait to get new ship girls. Relax and enjoy. More will come.

Pros and Cons


  • Cute and Cool Characters: The ship girls are very nice to look at. They make you want to collect them all.

  • Fun Battles: The fighting in the game is exciting. It feels good when you win.

  • Lots to Do: There are many missions and events. You won't get bored.

  • Free to Play: You can play without giving money. It's nice for your wallet.

  • Learn a Bit: The game's stories can tell you a little about real history.


  • Hard to Get Certain Ships: Some ship girls are very rare. It might take a long time to find them.

  • Many Things to Learn: New players can feel lost. There's much to understand.

  • Takes Time: Some things in the game take patience. Like waiting for new ship girls.

  • Can Cost Money: If you want special ship girls fast, you might think about spending money.

Alternatives for Azur Lane

If you like Azur Lane but want to try something else, look at games like "Kantai Collection" or "Girls' Frontline". They also have cute characters and fun fights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Azur Lane hard to learn?

A: At first, yes. But take your time. You'll learn and it becomes fun!

Q: Can I play Azur Lane on the computer?

A: You need an emulator. It's like a pretend phone on your computer. That lets you play.

Q: Do I have to pay to win?

A: No. You can enjoy without paying. Winning can take longer, but it's possible.

Q: Is the game in different languages?

A: Yes. Azur Lane is in English, Japanese, and others too!

Q: Can I play with friends?

A: You can't play together at the same time. But you can help each other's teams.


Azur Lane is a fun mobile game. It has cute ship girls and battles that get your heart racing. With lots to do and many stories, it's a game that can be liked for a long time.

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