American Farming APK v0.4.46 (Simulator Game for Android)

American Farming APK v0.4.46 (Simulator Game for Android)

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American Farming APK is a free, realistic farming simulator game for Android with diverse crops, dynamic weather, and smart money management.

App Name American Farming
Publisher SquadBuilt Inc
Size 431 MB
Latest Version 0.4.46
MOD Info Simulator Game for Android
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MOD Info
  • Simulator Game for Android

What is American Farming?

American Farming is like a fun game you can play on your phone. It turns your phone into a pretend farm in America. You feel like a real farmer doing work on a farm. It's special because it looks very real. It's free and made for Android phones.

The five most outstanding characteristics

  • Very Real Work: Just like real farmers, you use big machines to farm. These machines look and work just like in real life, making you feel like you really are farming.

  • Grow Many Plants: You can grow lots of different plants. Some plants are the kind you see all the time like wheat. Others are special and need extra care. Each plant needs different things to grow well.

  • Caring for Animals: Other than growing plants, you can also keep animals like cows and chickens. You need to give them food and make sure they are healthy. It's like being a real animal farmer.

  • Weather Changes: The weather in the game changes just like in real life. It can be sunny, rainy, or even snowy. This weather makes the plants and animals grow different, so you have to be smart and change how you farm.

  • Making Money: You don't just farm for fun, you also need to make money. You'll buy seeds and sell your plants and animals. Be smart about money so your farm can do well.

Best advice for users American Farming

  • Learn from the game: Pay attention to how plants and animals grow. You can learn a lot about farming this way.

  • Plan before you start: Think about what you want to grow and what machines you need. This planning helps you save money and do better.

  • Watch the weather: The game's weather changes can help or hurt your farm. Sometimes it can be too dry or wet. Always be ready to change your plans.

  • Sell wisely: Pick the best time to sell your plants and animals. If you watch prices, you can make more money.

  • Enjoy and explore: Have fun with the game. Try out different ways to farm. This can make you better at the game and enjoy it more.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Learn farming: Playing this game helps you learn about farming. You get to know what farmers do every day.

  • No cost: You don't have to pay money to play the basic game. This is good for fun without losing any cash.

  • Many choices: With lots of plants and animals, you won't get bored. There's always something new to try out.

  • Weather challenge: Weather changes make the game exciting. They make you think and act like a real farmer.

  • Be the boss: You make all the plans for your farm. You decide what to plant, what animals to keep, and when to sell.


  • Time: Just like real farming, this game can take a lot of your time. Some people might not like that.

  • Easy to hard: The game starts easy but can get very hard. This might be tough for new players.

  • Phone space: The game might take up a lot of space on your phone. This could slow down your phone if it is not new or strong.

  • Real money: Even though the game is free, some very nice things in the game might cost real money.

Alternatives to American Farming

Other farming games can be fun, too. Like FarmVille or Stardew Valley. They let you play farm on your phone or computer.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Do I need to know farming to play?

Answer: No, you don't. The game teaches you how to play.

Question: Can I play with friends?

Answer: Yes, sometimes you can play with others online.

Question: Can the game be played on any phone?

Answer: You need an Android phone. And it has to be strong enough for the game.

Question: Does the game need the internet?

Answer: Not all the time, but some parts might.


American Farming is a good game for learning about how to farm. It's fun and free, and you can play it anytime. This game is perfect if you like farming.

Free Download American Farming APK (Unlimited Money, Release Date, Unlocked) Latest Version for Android

You can download American Farming for free at This site is safe to get the app. Go to and start your farm fun now!

Download American Farming APK v0.4.46 (Simulator Game for Android)


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