Alight Motion Mod APK v5.0.200.1000653 (New Version, Without Watermark)

Alight Motion Mod APK v5.0.200.1000653 (New Version, Without Watermark)

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Alight Motion Mod APK 2023 is a powerful mobile app for animation and video editing with layer-based editing and customization effects.

App Name Alight Motion
Publisher Alight Motion
Size 193.09 MB
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MOD Info New Version, Without Watermark
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MOD Info
  • New Version
  • Without Watermark

Alight Motion is a robust app designed for creating animations, motion graphics, and visual effects on mobile devices. It's packed with professional tools that cater to video editing, composing, and graphic design tasks, making it a go-to for digital creatives on the move.

Top 5 Features and Functions

Layer-Based Editing

Alight Motion takes a page from professional software with its layer-based editing system. It allows users to stack and organize various media elements like images, videos, and graphics. Each layer can be independently animated, transforming a flat image into a dynamic scene. Users can adjust the position, scale, and rotation, adding depth with ease. The layer system supports grouping, which keeps projects organized—a crucial feature when dealing with complex compositions. It’s a game-changer for creating intricate animations on a smartphone.

Customizable Building Block Effects

The app’s library of over 100 effects is a treasure trove for creatives. These effects serve as building blocks, combinable to forge unique visual aesthetics. They range from basic color corrections to intricate particle systems. This versatility ensures your video stands out, whether you’re going for a subtle mood or an explosive visual sequence. Furthermore, the app lets you save your custom effect combinations, streamlining your workflow for future projects.

Vector and Freehand Drawing

Incorporating vector graphics, Alight Motion provides crisp, scalable illustrations that won't pixelate, regardless of size. The freehand drawing option adds a personal touch, letting users sketch directly within the app. This feature is perfect for storyboarding or when you want to add custom artwork to your animations. You can also animate these drawings, opening the door to endless creative possibilities.

Keyframe Animation

Keyframes are the backbone of animation, and Alight Motion doesn’t disappoint. Users can animate objects or effects over time by setting key points that define start and end states. The app offers interpolation options like linear, easing, and bounce, giving motion a natural feel. This function is ideal for creating everything from simple bounces to complex motion graphics sequences.

Export Options and Sharing

Alight Motion supports various formats for exporting projects, including MP4 video and GIF. This ensures that your creations can be shared across different platforms without compatibility issues. The app also allows for direct sharing to social media, helping users quickly distribute their work to the world. Importantly, the watermark-free output option ensures a professional look for shared content.

Best Tips for Alight Motion

Start with a Plan

Before diving into the app, sketch out a storyboard or write down your video concept. This prep work will save time and enhance your workflow within the app. Knowing the sequence of your animation or video before starting ensures that every feature you use serves a purpose, making your project coherent and engaging.

Master Keyframe Interpolation 

To bring life to your animations, master keyframe interpolation. Experiment with different easing options—such as “ease in” and “ease out”—to mimic real-world motion. It’s all about timing and spacing. The more you play with keyframes, the more intuitive it becomes to create smooth transitions and movements.

Customize and Save Your Effects

When you create an effect you love, save it. Alight Motion allows you to create presets for your favorite effect combinations. This not only saves time but also helps maintain consistency across your projects. It's a feature that becomes invaluable as your project files grow.

Organize Your Layers

Layers can quickly become overwhelming. Name them and group them logically. This practice is critical when revisiting a project after some time or when working on projects with numerous elements. It also makes troubleshooting problems a lot easier.

Explore the Asset Library

Don't reinvent the wheel for every project. Use Alight Motion's extensive asset library for vectors, presets, and sound effects. These resources can inspire new ideas or add extra polish to your project without additional cost or time.

Pros and Cons


  • Professional Tools: Alight Motion brings desktop-grade features to mobile devices, making it a powerful option for on-the-go editing and animation.

  • Layer-Based Editing: The sophisticated layer system offers the depth needed for complex projects.

  • No Watermark: Outputs are clean and professional, with no forced branding.

  • Vector Integration: The ability to create and animate vector graphics is a standout feature not found in many mobile apps.

  • Regular Updates: The app receives frequent updates, which expand its capabilities and improve user experience.


  • Learning Curve: New users may find the interface and plethora of features intimidating.

  • Performance: On older or less powerful devices, the app may lag, especially with complex animations.

  • Free Version Limitations: While powerful, the free version has limitations that might hinder the full potential of creative projects.

Similar Apps 

If you’re looking for alternatives to Alight Motion, apps like Adobe Premiere Rush, FilmoraGo, and KineMaster offer comparable video editing and animation features. Each has its own unique set of tools and may be more suitable depending on your specific needs.


Alight Motion stands out as a comprehensive solution for mobile motion graphics and video editing. Its expansive toolset caters to both novices and professionals, making it a valuable addition to any digital creative's arsenal.

Free Download Alight Motion Mod APK 2023 (Without Watermark, Pro Unlocked, No Ads) Latest Version for Android

Ready to animate on the move? Download Alight Motion from, a trusted source for getting your hands on this game-changing app. Elevate your motion graphics and video editing to professional heights today!

Some questions that users are interested in (FQAs)

Q1: What is the primary advantage of using a layer-based system in video editing on mobile devices?

A1: The primary advantage is the flexibility it offers in organizing and manipulating individual elements of a project. You can animate each layer separately, manage complex scenes more efficiently, and adjust elements without affecting the entire composition. This system mirrors professional desktop software, bringing advanced editing capabilities to your mobile device.

Q2: Can I create my own custom effects in the app, and if so, how do I reuse them in other projects?

A2: Yes, you can create custom effects. Once you've designed an effect you're happy with, you can save it as a preset. These presets can then be quickly applied to new projects, ensuring consistency and saving you time.

Q3: What makes vector graphics beneficial in this mobile editing application?

A3: Vector graphics are resolution-independent, meaning they can be scaled to any size without losing quality. This is particularly useful for ensuring your graphics remain crisp and clear in your animations, regardless of the output size.

Q4: Is it possible to export animations without a watermark, and what are the export options available?

A4: Yes, animations can be exported without a watermark, giving a clean and professional look to your final product. You can export in various formats including MP4 and GIF, which can be shared across different platforms or directly uploaded to social media.

Q5: What should a new user focus on to quickly improve their skills in this application?

A5: New users should focus on understanding keyframe animation and layer management. Experimenting with keyframe interpolation will help in creating smoother animations, while effectively organizing layers will make complex projects more manageable. Additionally, exploring the app's asset library and trying out different effects can further enhance their skill set.

Download Alight Motion Mod APK v5.0.200.1000653 (New Version, Without Watermark)


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